Posted by: William | November 21, 2007

“Quick Searches” in Firefox Make the Bible SUPER Easy to Search

Instead of installing another whole toolbar to search biblegateway, just use the address bar. It’s easy, and streamlines bible study and lesson planning and what-not. A while back, I needed to set up this function on my desktop computer, but couldn’t find it anywhere on the net (I’m sure it’s somewhere, but I certainly couldn’t find it). Well, my laptop returned from the dead a little while ago, along with this super handy little trick, but however, it only works in Firefox, which you ought to be using anyway.

Download it here:

Step 1: Open Firefox, then on the toolbar at the top click, Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks.

Step 2: Next, on the left, you will see a tree-menu. Click the folder, Quick Searches. Firefox should have the folder in there by default, if it does not, click New Folder at the top and create one.

Step 3: In the Quick Searches folder, click the button at the top, New Bookmark. A new window will pop up. Here’s where things get meaty and exciting.

Intermission #1

The search functions, for me, are divided up into three sections, reference searches (i.e., John 3:16), topic searches (i.e., love) and keyword searches (i.e., for God so loved the world). You’re going to create three bookmarks, one to work for each of these sections. The process will be almost the same for each, but you should get it after the first go-round.

End Intermission

Step 4: In the Name box of the new window, you’re going to type ‘Bible Reference Search’ (in truth, you can name it anything you like).

Step 5: In the Location box, you’re going to copy and paste this address:

Intermission #2

You’ll notice that at the end of the link there is a number. That number represents biblegateways translation code. 47 is the translation code for the NASB, 31 is the code for the NIV, 50 is the translation code for the KJV. If you wish to use a different translation by default, just change the code at the end.

End Intermission

Step 6: In the Keyword box, enter ‘reference’ or ‘verse’ (which is what I use). Following that, you can either enter a description if you like, or you can just hit Ok.

That’s it! You’ve just finished setting up the quick reference search. Test it out. From you address bar, type ‘reference’ then whatever verse it is you want to pull up. It should look like this: reference john 3:16. Remember, if you typed something besides ‘reference’ into the Keyword box, you’ll have to use that word instead.

From there, the rest are pretty easy! Just do the same thing two more times with the following information:

Topic Searches:

Name: Bible Topic Search

Keyword: Topic

Keyword Searches:

Name: Bible Keyword Search
Keyword: keyword

A Quick Note:

Remember, when you’re entering the Keyword, you can use anything you like, just remember that’s the word you’ll have to attach to the front of your search.

Wasn’t that fun? Enjoy quicker, more convenient bible searching, without cluttering up you browser with more toolbars!



  1. Hello William…

    I just wanted to say thank you for this very clever idea. It works very well and is much faster than the toolbar!

    God Bless…!

    In His grip,


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