Posted by: William | November 24, 2007

Heat Packs, Maybe

            I enjoyed handing out coffee to the people in line, and I think that the Lord will bless our efforts in some way that’s pleasing to Him. But in lieu of everything last night, I started dreaming some. I’m thinking more about what else we might be able to do; maybe we could offer more.

            Last night, before we handed out the coffee, I purchased six disposable heat packs. If you’ve never heard of them, they’re basically these pads that are chemical activated. They heat up to around 140 degrees Fahrenheit and stay that way for sometimes as long as 15 hours. They were 99 cents each and I gave out at least one of them to a girl who seemed especially cold (and slightly under dressed). It took her a second to figure out what it was, but when she did she was very appreciative.

            My thinking is that if we were able to purchase a very large number of these heat packs, we could hand them out to folks who need them, who maybe can’t escape the cold (i.e., Homeless, road crews, construction workers, etc.). And of course, hopefully this will offer a doorway for us to share the Gospel with some, maybe all.

            At 99 cents each, that idea gets pretty expensive pretty quick. Well, I found a website that sells small hot packs (lasting 8 hours each) suitable for putting in shoes or gloves, for about 41 cents each, when you buy them in boxes of 48. Or larger heat packs (lasting 20 hours) for about 69 cents each, when you purchase them in boxes of 40. Now, those numbers start to look pretty reasonable. For about $410 we could purchase 1000 smaller heat packs and distribute them for free to people who need them. For about $690 we could do the same but with larger, longer lasting heat packs.

            Unfortunately, financially speaking, I can’t carry the full load of this on my own. Several of my close cohorts have also expressed interest in contributing finances. That still wouldn’t get us all the way there though. My question is if any of you would be interested and willing to donate a case of heat packs, then maybe (if you’re local) some of your time as well?

            Obviously, this is something that we as a larger body need to pray for discernment in. If enough people express interest, I’ll set up some way for you to contribute. You should know up front though, that those involved are only a conglomeration of believers and friends from a variety of different churches. Not an official organization or non-profit; you won’t get any kind of tax break.

            It it’s the Lord’s will we’ll be able to do this, one way or another. If it’s not His will, He’ll have something better in mind. So what do you all think of this idea, would you contribute, would you be involved?



  1. Hi – I found your blog through the religion section of WordPress and wanted to say that I appreciate your passion and transparency. Keep up the good work of looking for opportunities to share the Gospel!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, I will! 🙂

  3. Sounds like you and your friends are ready to kick it up a notch. You just missed the Fannie Mae Walk for the Homeless in DC on Nov 17th. Patti and I helped to serve dinner that afternoon to about 150 of DC’s homeless at the Gospel Rescue Ministries ( There are other events coming up. You might contact Marjorie Brown, Director, Outreach & Community Initiatives (DOCI), Gospel Rescue Ministries. Some activities are as simple and real as serving dinner to their guests.

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