Posted by: William | November 28, 2007

It Was Only Out To Kill Me

As I am reading through Ralph Venning’s The Sinfulness of Sin, I am continually coming across truths that were obvious all along but perhaps I did not give notice to. When dealing with the topic of sin especially, these things are profound (for me at least), probably because I’m in this sort of perpetual cycle of sin, oops, repent, sin, oops, repent, sin, oops, and so on and so on. When a biblical truth about sin is highlighted, it seems to me to appear very brightly throughout my daily life.

            In the current (and incredibly long) chapter of The Sinfulness of Sin, Mr. Venning is presenting the argument that pretty much everything in existence (even the “enemy” as we call him) bears witness to the wickedness of sin. When I first started reading this, I thought to myself, “well duh, sin is by its definition wicked.” But as I read on it became clear to me that sin was something far greater than a definition for things I do that I shouldn’t do. Sin is what caused Lucifer to fall from Heaven. That same thing today attempts to drag me to the pits of hell; it is more than simply a definition, it is the very essence of not-God. There are thoughts stirring in me on that subject, but for now I just wanted to quickly say something about that.

            “For the wages of sin is death…” as it states in Romans 6:23, and then in James 1:15 it says, “…after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.” This is a truth that has been in my line of sight the whole time, clearly seen but perhaps not acknowledged for what it really was. Sin leads to death. It was by sin that death entered. Whenever a fleeting thought of lust, pride, vengeance or covetousness enters my mind if not resisted (by the grace of God), it will give birth to sin, which if allowed to come into full maturity will lead to death. There is no innocent sin; every sin, were it not for the grace of God, would lead to death.

I followed hard after sin
Thinking of somehow it would fulfill me
Realizing in the end
It was only out to kill me   

            The lyrics of the Jason Upton song “Whistle in Your Will” (found on his album, Dying Star) describe it perfectly. “I followed hard after sin, thinking somehow it would fulfill me.” Somehow before falling under conviction some of my sins can seem almost innocent; but in the end it’s clear it was only out to “kill me.”

            My prayer is that by the grace and will of God, I would be able to see that all sin is out to kill me before I collapse under the power of temptation. And that through this I would be able to more wholly glorify God, and be more wholly satisfied in Him and His redemption that is through Jesus Christ.


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