Posted by: William | December 2, 2007

Misery Loves Company

            Misery loves company. It is this way with sin; sin loves company. If a sinner is engaging in sexual promiscuity, he may entice others to do the same. Perhaps belittle them, or make fun of them if they do not. Or in an effort to make his own actions seem righteous, create a contest out of it; one which he’s winning and would be discontent to lose, of course only giving greater rise to sin.

            1 John 3:8 says that those who practice, routinely participate, in sin are “of the Devil,” or children of the devil. Not because they were born of him in the sense of being created within him, but rather in likeness. In the way that believers are Children of God, having been recreated in His image, the sinner is a child of the Devil; created in his image.

            The sinner, living in, devoted to, sin is a devil. He is no better than the Devil. Both have been mastered by sin and both rage against the living God and His Christ. Both would seek, albeit one sometimes unwittingly, to drag others into the flames of hell with them; perhaps to make the journey more bearable. A vain attempt.

            I cannot claim to know fully the motives of the Devil, but the fact that I have at once been his child brings to me two points: thanksgiving and humility; thanksgiving first that I have been brought to repentance and acceptance of the Gospel. That I have been recreated in God’s image to no longer bear the image of the devil, and in that way am united to God, able to crucify the deeds of the flesh, glorify Him and be satisfied by Him. Then also humility, because it was not be my strength that I am no longer a child of the Devil, it was by God’s strength in His great mercy and love.



  1. well hello billy. i have been just, you know, perusing your blogs lately and thought i’d leave a comment.

    the part where you said that sinners are created in the image of the devil? i know that paul brings the truth, and when he says that those who sin are “of the devil,” that is probably pretty accurate – but i think it may be a step too far to claim that they are created in the image of the devil. i feel that the Lord wants believers and nonbelievers to know that we were all created in his image, and even those who do not know the Lord have still inherited aspects of His character.

    even though a person may be living in sin, i believe that they ARE better than the devil, because they have the potential and the hope of becoming believers – a potential that they devil will never have, and that he is actively working against.

    maybe i am being too idealistic, or naive… or maybe i just don’t want to look at the people on my street who are nonbelievers as “bearers of the image of the devil”. some of them just live life day in, day out, doing good things, doing bad things, oblivious to the love of the Lord, which makes them more susceptible to the devil’s work, yes, but makes them “children of the devil”? i’m not sure.

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