Posted by: William | December 3, 2007

Leaving to Arrive at Departure

            Last night at Crossroads (what I would consider my church family) Pastor Rick Gebaur delivered a really excellent sermon on the topic of leaving. The message is not deeply theological but I believe it’s true and has powerful implications. He delivers the message with humility and conviction. I think that almost anyone would benefit from listening to his words, whether its encouragement, or inspiration I would highly recommend listening to this message. It’s about 40 minutes long, listen to it in the car. You can listen to it online or download it for your ipod here:

Leaving to Arrive at Departure



  1. Hey Bill is crossroads the church in the piney orchard area? I think I know someone else going there.-amanda

  2. I listened to the message last night. Sounds like Rick is simply doing some growing up (which is always deeply profound when it’s happening to you).

    I got married and became an instant Dad at about the same age. It is a HUGE transition from easygoing, carefree single STUD to husband, father, caretaker, provider.

    The larger context of his message is aptly true for just about anyone at any age. I used to have an inspirational poster that said, “When God calls, don’t look over your shoulder to see who is following.”


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