Posted by: William | December 4, 2007

Father, a Prayer


            Thank you for being my perfect Father. Thank you for being sufficient for everything that I could ever truly want or need. Thank you for having nothing false, or disappointing in you. Thank you for making yourself accessible to me through the death of your son Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus, thank you for choosing that life and death, in humility, for my undeserved redemption and reconciliation. Jesus, thank you for being the perfect example of life and love; thank you for defining love. Father, thank you for providing abundantly for me in this life. Father, thank you for the grace that you give daily when I unwittingly and selfishly waste what you have provided for me. Thank you for every day of wrath withheld; from me, and from the unrepentant sinners that still go about their lives. Father, thank you for daily, continually cleaning me of my sin and making me more beautiful, more ready for the wedding day. Father, thank you for being an all loving God, who cannot be fully understood or fit into anyone’s box.

            Father, I confess the wickedness of my heart. I confess that there are depths of darkness within me that I do not yet understand, that I would like to believe are not as black and cold as they are. God, I confess that there are times I believe I am able to be the craftsman, when I am only assigned to be the tool. God, I confess there are times when I believe my appetite will satisfy me, and feed it accordingly. I confess there are times that I belittle my sin, knowingly taking your grace for granted. I confess that I would like to be someone in the eyes of other people; in my pride I want for myself to be humble, holy, and successful. But in my humility I see that truly I am proud, unholy and a failure. Lord Jesus, it is in your name that I repent from these things and as the greater sins are revealed to me, I pray that by your grace and power I may repent from them as well!

            Father, I pray that you would be blessed and bring yourself glory in my life. Father, I pray that I would be brought low, not only in speech, but in the very depths of my heart as it is revealed to me. Father, I pray that you would reveal, as you will and design, deeper places in my heart and bring greater sanctity therein; by your grace, for your glory and my satisfaction in you. Father, I pray for powerful breaking from bondage to habitual sins. Lord, I pray that the deeper revelation and understanding of sin, as it truly is, would bring deeper conviction and allow me to hold even more tightly to you in the face of sin; Lord, enable that in me,  by your Holy Spirit. Father, I pray that you would defend me from the enticements of pride, as the Enemy tells me that I, in and of myself, am smart, funny, wise, intelligent, discerning, abstinent, above any kind of sin, better than anyone anywhere. Father, I pray that you would defend me from lure of the Enemy and my flesh to follow after carnal lusts; unholy sexual and emotional attractions, financial promise and social comfort, piece of mind. I pray that all of the sins lurking in my heart that would emerge as unholy perversions of what you have created to be beautiful and holy would be destroyed by your Holy Spirit before they are able to come to fruition and destroy me.

            God, I pray for your Church, your global church. I pray that by your love and kindness you would bring us to repentance. Father, I pray that you would reveal the pride in our hearts and programs; the pride that allows us to believe that we by our strength can complete the work of your Spirit. God, I ask that as that sin is revealed and illuminated amongst the church that you would give us grace to respond in humility and repentance. Father, do not forsake your adopted children, I pray that you would correct us, with a rod if necessary; but in your grace bring us to repentance. Make us affective for the sake of your name and glory and the sake of our enjoyment in you.

            Lord, I pray for revival. I pray for a no holds barred pouring out of your Spirit on this world filled with dead men, women and children. Father, I pray that you would stir in the cultures and people around the world a thirst for real life, that when you come seeking them, they would not refuse you. Father, I pray that if it is your will, that you would receive glory from your grace, in the salvation of many; rather than from your wrath in their damnation. I confess that prayer to be partially selfish, perhaps even a tad humanistic, but I also confess I don’t know another way; I pray you would correct that as well. I know there is no hope apart from you, and there is no life except for you. Lord Jesus, please cover many in your blood. I pray that especially for this country of mine, in all of its abundance and pride.

            Father, you are greater than this supplication. You’re greater than me, in all of my thoughts and theologies. You’re transcendent of everything that I divide myself from other men with. You’re more loving, more noble, more humble, more heroic, more tactful, more patient, more kind, more fun, more just, more understanding, more everything that I could ever call myself and more of all the things I couldn’t. Father, let me view myself as I ought, and work humbly and diligently with the power that you would provide in by your Spirit and no other. Make me humble, Father.

            Finally, Father, I pray for those who read this prayer. My greatest prayer Lord is that you would give them the grace and strength to be humble before you and before people. I pray that they would not think of themselves as something, but in themselves, nothing. I pray that they would submit all the work of their hands and minds to your Lordship and toil by no strength but yours. I pray that any who would read these words who haven’t yet come into a right relationship with you would be opened and softened by your Spirit so that you might invade their hearts. I pray that you would give all of us an insatiable thirst for your Words and brim our lips with prayers.

            Receive the glory that is due to you. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ; son of God, and savior to the world.



  1. I am in full agreement with my brother in his prayer ,Lord God…move upon us by your Spirit to make it so.
    Bill…I love that I have you as friend…this whole week I have been laughing (and weeping) over the pride that lurks within my humility..It seems to help expose this when I take to writing whatever is coming to mind..I realize that if I did not attempt to communicate with others this subtle and cleverly hidden stuff would go unnoticed by me…perhaps. In my desire for accountability in my interactions, this method seems to expedite the seeing of where I am not simply enthusiastic but rather proud of myself…even if it is only a little it is too much..after all I can do nothing of myself..of this I am very clear about. May I not seek to spare myself the embarrassment that comes after having written you something,without you even saying anything yet the Holy Spirit will bring a sentence or two into my remembrance and say something to me about it. Cool…whereas if I am just remembering something neat that might bear sharing with another…I am not as likely to see how attached I am to that work of God….perhaps reveling in the glory of the memory with out seeing how my flesh has managed to take inventory…this does not resonate with let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing…A narrow road this walk with Jesus…again thanks be to God for providing brethren of like heart and mind..let the unity of the brethren continue!

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