Posted by: William | December 5, 2007

Pharisee Shmarisee

            After thinking about it some this morning, I’ve decided there’s something I’d like to say here. I might get crucified for this, but I think it’s important anyway.

            The Pharisees were very well acquainted with scriptures. They knew them inside and out. They practiced them perfectly, they thought they had it all together and they planted their feet in what they knew to be true. We of course know now, they were wrong. They were proud in their hearts and although the outside of their cup was unblemished, the inside was rotten. They were proud, and thought they knew everything and couldn’t be wrong; they were even zealous for this “truth” that they knew to be true. Well, we all know what happened when Jesus, the promised messiah, came. He was not what the Pharisees expected him to be based on their knowledge. They were anticipating a glorious king to deliver the nation of Israel, what they got was a carpenter claiming to be God. Personally, I’d take that carpenter any day. Of course, the Pharisees wouldn’t have it. They were so furious in fact about this heretic that they crucified him. All the while, they were wrong. They had it all figured out, based on years and years of studying and searching the scriptures, and they were wrong!

            Now, I’m not suggesting that we should question our faith in Jesus; there is nothing I want less than to call into question the saving power and divinity of Jesus. That’s not in any way shape or form my motivation here. There are things that are true whether we believe them or not. What I’m getting at is the manner in which we operate within that belief and whether or not we allow our faith in Christ to have true freedom in our lives. Someone once said to me, and I can’t remember who it was, that when we get to heaven there’s going to be a lot of red faces. People who thought they had it all figured out were just flat out wrong. Could Jesus do something in our lives that is contrary to our understanding of Him? Or if He did, would we chalk it off as something else, or worse even resist it because it’s not the right shape to fit into our box?

            I’m sure by now what this is sounding like is a relativist, accept anything speech. That’s definitely not the point. What I’m arguing for here is a sense of humility deep in our hearts to understand that God is way bigger than us, way bigger even than all the great things the bible says about Him and by Him. If even the word of God does not sum up God, how can our theologies? The only thing I argue for is humility to understand, as humans, the potential to be wrong is built into us. We ought to pray hard that God would lead us to truth, then stay faithful to that truth, constantly being aware that the potential to be wrong is always at hand and we should appeal to Him for counsel and understanding; when we read the word, when we pray, when we talk with people who hold different theologies. I would even venture to say, the only time we ought to resist that attitude is if the deity, lordship or saving work of Christ is called into question. If it requires our humility for Christ to be placed there, it would require pride to remove Him.

            That is my two cents. I hope you were encouraged or at least thought provoked. I hope I’m humble enough to be wrong about this, too.



  1. I think the popular way of summarizing your thoughts is:

    In essential things, unity. In doubtful things, liberty. In all things, charity.

  2. What do you mean 2 cents? That was easily worth…oh… 3 dollars and 27 cents. Where’s your tip jar?

  3. As always I am refreshed by your sharing..thank you, Jesus for Bill!

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