Posted by: William | December 9, 2007

My Evil Could Beat Your Good Any Day!

            I know, I have already posted something today, but I have just read something that to me was very thought provoking. It caused me to go, “hmm” to myself sitting in the chair. If I wasn’t reading a borrowed book, I imagine I would have drawn a box around the paragraph with my pen and written something to the effect of, “That’s tight!” As it is however, the book does not belong to me and it would be, I imagine, disrespectful to mingle my own notes with the notes of this book’s owner.

            This thought comes from the Sinfulness of Sin by Ralph Venning. He says that in the world of creation, there is less good than in the world of sin there is evil; all of the good in creation is not as good as the evil in sin is evil. Or, as Mr. Venning more articulately puts it, “There is more evil in it than there is good in the whole creation.” At first this idea kind of pissed me off. I said to myself, “God created creation, and who can say anything is more evil than the good of God’s creation is good.” But then rationality set in and I retorted, “well, Bill, you’re God’s creation and you’re dripping with evil. Maybe you should more humbly consider this idea.” And so I am continuing to do so.

            Mr. Venning states about sin, “it does us more hurt than all the creation can do us good. When we are sick or wounded, many of God’s creatures of medicinal nature can help to recover and cure us. There is no cure, however, for this evil of sin by any or all of the creatures. Sin was too much for that good in which we were created, and all created good ever since has not been able to recover us from it. No! It is only by God that we can be either pardoned or purged of it.” In essence, I hear Mr. Venning saying that with all of the good that is in the world combined it could not overtake the smallest of evil in sin. That is both, I think, a testimony to the size and depth of evil in sin.

            Mr. Venning then reminds us that because of the magnitude of sin and its contrariety to God, it is only God who can make us right. In the same way that he created all the good in the world, the only hope that we can have of a clean heart would be that God would create it within us (Psalm 51).



  1. Jesus did refer to Satan as the ruler of this world. (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11) Most bibles will say “prince” instead of “ruler”, but the Greek word certainly means ruler or commander.

    This would explain why sin seems so overpowering. Of course, God does not intend to Satan’s grip over our world to last forever. Psalm 37:9-11

    Thanks for sharing your thought.

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