Posted by: William | December 10, 2007

Bill & Steve

          If you ever get on MySpace or YouTube or pretty much any video website, you’ll have almost definitely seen video blogs almost all over the place. Some of them are really funny. Some of them are a total waste of time. Well, in any case, my good friend Steve and myself have decided to step into the arena; so we bought a camera and just recorded the intro to our project tonight.

OUR INTENTION: Basically, we’d like to primarily try and pull the redeeming quality of (films) movies to the surface and focus on why we can enjoy movies, rather than on why we cannot.

OUR SHTICK: Basically, someone, somewhere, at some time, mistook us for funny and we’ve been running with it ever since. We’re hoping to bring some level of humor and interest into our reviews while doing so from interesting locales. We’ll also try to review movies from various different angles; for example, what if we reviewed The Golden Compass as if it were made to be a zombie movie? It’s funny in my brain.

OUR OBSTACLE: Typically speaking, I think we think we’re funnier than we really are. So, saying things that will make you laugh I venture to say is not really as easy as it sounds in my brain.

In any case, keep your eyes open. We will defend you from hating movies needlessly.



  1. Great idea. I am laughing already (kinda warming-up). Here’s a tip: I find after a couple of beers I am a comedic genius. In my brain (or what’s left of it).

    Unfortunately, I will be unable to watch you while at work as big brother does not permit YouTube from 9 – 5. Apparently, the material is way to mature for us employees. The irony is it would be in my cubicle where I would most benefit from a Bill & Steve fix.

  2. the golden compass is a movie made by zombies…

  3. I know, one particularly enraged zombie. I read some stuff about the books. Even in a secular world, they’re pretty jacked up (i.e., 13 year old kids having sex with each other).

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