Posted by: William | December 15, 2007

I Witnessed a Miracle

I’ve heard a hundred times or more, “the miracle of child birth.” I never thought even the slightest bit about it. But last night, my world was rocked. I was assisting a friend of mine in shooting a wedding when my sister called. She said she thought she was going into labor; she’s pregnant if you hadn’t deducted so already. After getting off the phone, I told my friend that I might need to leave early if she was going into labor and he was very understanding. Well, low and behold about two hours later, I got the word that she was indeed in labor and if I wanted to be there, I probably ought to be on my way soon. I quickly gathered my things and headed out the door. When I arrived at the birthing center, there was a small audience for the child’s arrival but also a recent word from the nurse that it was probably going to be two or three hours.

Having come straight from taking photographs at a wedding to the birthing center, I had my photo gear in the car, and seeing that my father was making active use of his camera, I ran outside to gather my things. I started out timidly photographing my sister Theresa and her husband Chris as she went in and out of contractions. I was avoiding spending too much time in the room because of the new awareness of how loud the shutter in my camera was (it’s interesting how a tense situation can do that). This all subsided though when the contractions became more intense and the sound of my shutter was hardly going to be something on my sister’s mind.

Truthfully, I had no intention of being in the room when she actually gave birth, but as the moment came nearer, everyone seemed to think I ought to be in there taking pictures. It’s weird, but I guess I just didn’t disagree. So the moment came and it was like the most intense part of any movie I’ve ever seen. Theresa was ready to have this child. The time came to push and she did. Through the lens of my camera, I saw the child’s head begin to show and all at once the shrill cry of the newborn baby. I welled up. I couldn’t help it; it was easily the most profound thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And all of a sudden everything that was gross about the experience was suddenly just invisible.

After a few seconds, Theresa was holding the child and they were waiting to cut the umbilical cord and with all the excitement and tension, Chris shouted, “What is it!?” in reference to the child’s gender. They turned the baby a bit, then, with a huge smile on his face, Chris turned to the small congregation and said, “He’s got nuts!” Theresa had given birth to a son.

The minutes and hours after the birth were a blend of weird bliss and excitement; oogling over the baby and giving Theresa praise for doing such a great job. I just kept thinking about how amazing it was. Like staring God in the face or something. I had this insatiable urge to worship, I kept singing, How Great is Our God in my head- over and over and over again. On my way home though, it hit me as I was listening to the song Wonderful Maker by Chris Tomlin: This is just how Jesus stepped into this earth. In the same humble way this child entered in, naked and crying; Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords also humbled himself! I just started crying and worshipping. It was truly amazing. What an incredible reminder of the Power of God in Christ Jesus, especially now during this holiday where this is the very thing we’re to be remembering.

Father, thank you for the life of John Stephen Wellons. Thank you for knitting him together in his mother’s womb. Thank you for designing his life according to your good pleasure and for your purposes and to the end being your Glory. You deserve all of the worship, praise and adoration from our hearts and lives; and God, I pray that you would receive that from John Stephen. Father, I pray that in the same way that you required that your sacrifices be the first-fruits, the young lambs, that you would receive John Stephen’s life as a sacrifice, pleasing to you; and Lord, if it is your will, when he is still young. Father, I pray that your Spirit would direct Chris and Theresa as they raise the child you have given them and that he would be raised according to your Gospel. Father, I pray that you would direct John Stephen’s family and extended family to always help guide him back to You. Father, finally, I pray for the health and growth of this new child, and that Lord if it is your will you would receive glory by way of his salvation. Thank you Jesus, for coming into this world in the same way as John Stephen; thank you for being everything we could ever want or need.

I’ll post some pictures once I’ve been given the permission to do so.



  1. You’re an uncle! Congratulations! Giving birth is such an incredibly amazing experiance…I was thinking about my 4th birthing….out of the blue…I’m so glad you got to have such an up close and personal…front row seat (so to speak) to this remarkable event. wow! you’ll never forget that ‘movie’.

  2. The first time I got to watch a birth, I immediately starting crying. I don’t even know why. I never understood what it meant to “burst” into tears until that day. You’re right, everything “gross” about it just disappears. It was the amazing, beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. He always makes the best gifts.

    My theory on the tears (remembering Samantha and Eric): we reflect Him best when we first enter this world.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. Sniff! I welled up just reading about you welling up! It is beautiful, isn’t it?!

  5. This is the first time I’ve read this. What a beautiful prayer. Thank you being being a part of that special night.

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