Posted by: William | December 18, 2007

Top 10 Seriously Epic Songs

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One of my favorite things about music is when it can actually place pictures in my head. Sometimes I’m in the pictures, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes it’s in first person, sometimes third person. But regardless, when songs can paint a vivid picture in my head that I can not only see, but also feel, I’m almost always sold. Regardless of the genre of music, I will almost certainly love it. Now, within that there is something that I call “epic” music. That doesn’t necessarily mean music for huge battle scenes in movies, although sometimes maybe, rather they’re songs that tell you that you’re listening to or experiencing something really important. Now, more often than not, neither of the two is happening, but when a song makes it seem that way, I call that song “epic.” These are my top ten favorites. Although modified slightly for variation.

10.) Sit in the Middle of Three Galloping Dogs – Silver Mt. Zion

Album: He Has Left Us Alone

Silver Mt. Zion: a conglomeration of musicians from various other projects, probably most notably Godspeed You Black Emperor. Sit in the Middle has a heavy emphasis on violins, so in terms of sounding important, they’ve already got a leg up. With the exception of a recitation of scripture from 1 Thessalonians 5:5-7 in the beginning, there are no words at all. The combination of a persistent drum roll sound and mounting tension in the violins, this song easily tops its competitors who didn’t make the list.

9.) Window Seats and Last Wishes – Cool Hand Luke

Album: So Far EP

Cool Hand Luke wont even play this song live—let alone any songs from this CD. The CD’s just really old, and they’d probably say it isn’t any good. But this song, the closing song, is quite a jewel. It follows a formula not unlike other bands it its genre, but finds itself at such a wonderful crescendo. “One more day, lord” says the singer over and over again, as he tells the story of a man who squandered his life away.

8.) The Adventure – Angels & Airwaves

Album: We Don’t Need to Whisper

This song always gets me. There’s such anticipation in it, and although I’m almost certain they’re not really there, I can’t help but hear some serious Christian undertones. There’s a great feeling of new beginning in this song, like arising from a bunker after a major battle has ended and seeing that although everything is destroyed, there is hope.

7.) You Always Say Goodnight, Goodnight – Juliana Theory

Album: Emotion is Dead

When I was in high school, I loved the Juliana Theory. This CD was one of my favorites in fact. This song, it’s long with a melodic build up and eventual chorus of what seems to be angry people shouting something I’m still unsure of. But the point is, listening to this, it seems at any minute something life changing could happen.

6.) In The End – Linkin Park

Album: Hybrid Theory

Linkin Park is one of those bands that I think is really underrated. My best guess is that it’s because they came out somewhere around the same time as Limp Bizkit, which was a huge joke, and so kind of by proxy they were also a big joke. Plus, it didn’t help that they were doing the whole rap-rock thing too. But this song, as poppy and delicious as it is, also has this really profound feel to it. It’s easy for me to picture a scene something akin to that last scene in Armageddon where Bruce Willis is about to die.

5.) The Latter Rain – Zao

Album: Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest

Ah, Zao, nearly the only metal band I still enjoy. This album was released before the onslaught of pop metal and hardcore that in many ways it bears great resemblance to. The difference is it came before most of it. Laid under a swelling instrumental chorus, words are spoken, “a sword is drawn, unsheathed bringing legions of demons to their knees by the knowledge of a covenant prepared before the earth itself still so many choose to warm themselves beneath the blankets of deception… I pray that the winds and the rain of that which is latter will bring clarity and understanding to Your infallible Word let the lack of knowledge that destroys us be lifted in Your name.” Then, with wonderful drama the singer screams, “rain,” repeatedly.

4.) I Will Always Love You – Whitney Huston

Album: The Bodyguard Soundtrack

It’s the last weekend of the senior year at high school. The couple has been dating all four years and now they’re going to different schools. If this song comes on, they’re almost definitely going to have sex. Not because it’s especially sexual, but because it says something we love is coming to an end and makes us mourn it. Delightful.

3.) Ecstasy of Gold – Yo-Yo Ma

Album: Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone

I know, this is a soundtrack is was made to sound epic. But this one as rendered by Yo-Yo Ma, sends chills down your back. Just try not to drive too fast in your car and imagine that your on horseback racing to stop tragic event from unfolding.

2.) Knights of Cydonia – Muse

Album: Black Holes and Revelations

I think this band got it right. Practically any song on this CD could have made this list, but this song stands out; mostly for its length. But also, an almost tribal beat on the drums and a weird fuse of eighties metal guitar “chugs,” and words like, “don’t waste time, or time will waste you” keeps my mind making weird assumptions about what strange and sister plot I’ve fallen into.

1.) I Want to Love You Forever – Jessica Simpson

Album: I don’t know

Every note in this song, ever melody, every ridiculously cheesy lyric all cumulate to scream in your face that this is the last song you’re ever going to need to hear. You won’t even need to press repeat, or play it again. This song tells us that everything that we could ever want in music has just been fulfilled and we can go about our lives never hearing another thing again if only we’ve heard this song. You have to hear to believe it. But you’re warned, all music thereafter may gravely disappoint you.



  1. Holy crap, young man! How could you put Jessica Simpson on an epic song list? What is happening to this world???? AAAAGGGGHHHH – I need to repent in sackclothes and ashes for a whole generation.

    Now I am going to have to blog about ‘epic’ songs…
    stay tuned.


  2. Have you heard the song?! And to be fair, epic doesn’t necessarily mean good. It just means epic.

  3. yes, I forced myself to listen to your whole list – as it’s important to be well informed when making sweeping generalizations! There are a couple of possibilities, but nothing I would describe as epic.
    I’m almost finished my blog, so sit tight.

  4. Yeah yeah, we’ll see 🙂 Maybe you didn’t read the first paragraph.

  5. Hard as it may be to believe, I don’t know any of these songs. I think I vaguely remember “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston but only the only the part where she wails the title. And whenever I hear someone mention Jessica Simpson I think they’re talking about Bart’s little sister… even though her name’s not Jessica but I think she is blond. I the name of the Album really “I don’t know”??

  6. Ric – let’s not concede old age yet! There’s some real educational opportunity here! Let’s see YOUR top 10 epic song list…


  7. Oh, and I read your opening paragraph – I just didn’t want to think about you imagining yourself with Jessica Simpson!

    I’m not trying to knock your list – there’s some good music here; maybe we need to explore your definition of ‘epic’. After all, one man’s epic song is another man’s ringtone…


  8. What can I say, we’re a generation of people who love epic ringtones. They make every phone call that much more important.

  9. for the record, I had heard of 5 out of 10 bands/artists. (Ric you should at least known Yo Yo Ma). I promise I’ll come up with my top 10 list today.

  10. In my case, the gap between “what I should know” and “what I do know” is pretty much XXL. I don’t mind really. I probably “should” though.

    Anyways, I think I’m understanding the def of epic now… help me out Bill: “2 Out of 3 Aint Bad” by Meatloaf on the album Bat Out of Hell would HAVE to be “epic” for my generation.

  11. hey where’s my comment? did you put me on some kind of watch list?

  12. Gosh, you gotta stop spamming people. They’re computer thinks your comments are malicious!

    Yeah, I think that meatloaf could definitely make some lists.

  13. fuel for the song feud

  14. Ok dude, uv got serious issues…jessica simpson…r u f***n drunk?

  15. I mean, have you heard the song? It totally speaks for itself.


    i posted a similar list….american pie tops mine

  17. November Rain is best epic song in the world

  18. most of these are not epic songs. epic songs are songs that make you feel uplifted and like you can do anything. Remember The Name by Fort Minor is an epic song…..

  19. you need to listen to more music young man.. knights of cydonia is the only epic song on the list.. 2 slaps to the face for simpson being uttered.. the only thing epic about her is the empty space between her ears.. overrated garbage m’boy.. this list is Epic Fail – for fans of American Karaoke Idol only..

    • “[epic] doesn’t necessarily mean music for huge battle scenes in movies, although sometimes maybe, rather they’re songs that tell you that you’re listening to or experiencing something really important. Now, more often than not, neither of the two is happening, but when a song makes it seem that way, I call that song “epic.” These are my top ten favorites.”

      Why doesn’t anyone ever read the whole post? Sheesh.

  20. To be fair, although I did read your description on what epic means in your eyes, I was hoping for at least a few songs that are truly EPIC. The kind of songs that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you listen to them. I was thinking a band such as sigur ros, or for the oldies, nessen dorma by pavarotti…now that is epic! Comparing those artists to jessica simpson in a bid for the most epic song of all time, there is only one winner in my eyes. And its not jessica simpson.

  21. Or even perhaps Bohemian Rhapsody, Stairway to Heaven or Imagine…..?

    • True. These would be more epic in the truest sense of the word. But, then again, if we were really strict about it, the Lord of the Rings soundtrack would have to take up every spot! I never meant epic in nature, more like epic in intent. Sort of like the song is saying, “I am the last song that ever needs to be written”. Clearly that’s not true of anything Jessica Simpson has ever recorded. But you have to admit, the drama in the song certainly sounds like that’s what it’s trying to say! Perhaps the post would be more aptly titled “Top 10 Last-Songs-Ever”.

  22. WTF,
    ok, scratch out Jessica Simpsons song, (which is in no way epic) move all the songs forward so Knights of Cydonia is #1, and then add “stairway to heaven” in at #2 and you got a list

  23. Jacob you are almost there 🙂

    As for you William…
    I understand what you mean!
    Your only sin was to put Jessica Simpson and the word Epic, in the same page.

    Here is a quick list of decent Epic music :

    10. Adiemus – Adiemus

    9. Globus – Diem Ex Dei ; Take me Away
    ( just pick one…i can’t decide )

    8. Sarah Brightman – Fleurs Du Mal (reprise)

    ( its not the “reprise” version, but this video is simply amazing )

    7. Epica – Cry For The Moon

    6. Enigma – Beyond The Invisible

    5. Hans Zimmer – Run Free

    4. Deadly Avenger – We Took Pelham

    3. Nightwish – Ghost Love Score

    2. Manowar – The Crown And The Ring

    This is it!
    …No i didn’t forgot the nº1 on the list…
    Everybody knows is
    Carmina Burana:Ò Fortuna by Carl Orff !!!

    I know, i know Sarah Brightman or Enigma shouldn’t be on the list becouse theyr not epic.
    Ennio Morricone and Moya Brennan should be here in their place,
    but i only whanted to show you some alternatives to Jessica f%&$ Simpson.

    Jessica Sim… Really!?…Really!?

    Take care William 😉

    • That’s a great list Nilson!

      Though, I have to admit, even after all this time, I don’t think anyone quite grasped the humorous nature in which I placed Jessica Simpson at number. Oh well, that ship has probably long since sailed! 🙂

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