Posted by: William | December 31, 2007

Trust a Reliable Source

I’m preparing for an evening of parties and new years celebrations, but also flowing in and out of reading different literature; theology and encouragement, mostly. After writing briefly yesterday on God as the creator (on Soulah Gratia), the gears of my mind have been in a continual churning process, never straying too far from that arena. Some of the thoughts that have taken my mind captive involve what real implications the understanding of God as the creator must have on our lives. I’m most certain that they are there, but perhaps I don’t fully understand them.

Reading today from The Institutes of Christian Religion by John Calvin, I read something so in line with the day’s mind and track that I just had to share it. Mr. Calvin writes in reference to the knowledge of God:

“I am trying to say that we must be convinced not only that he created the world, sustains the world by his boundless power, governs it by his wisdom, keeps it going by his goodness, rules the human race with justice, puts up with it in his love and shields it with his protection, but also that there is not an atom of light, wisdom or justice, power, integrity or truth to be found anywhere but flowing from him and generated by him.”

To my flesh, this is ridiculously burdensome, but to the spirit inside of me, it pulses with adrenaline and excitement. God is not a watch-maker; and I praise him for that. God did not just create, then sit back to enjoy the ensuing show. There is so much more mastery in his work. Like the pure image of an artist at work with the purest tools of his trade; his glory and imagination. He would create, sustain, govern, keep, rule, remain patient with and shield his work, all for his glory, effecting in our enjoyment, magnifying his glory!

What grasped me the most about what Mr. Calvin said follows immediately after:

“Obviously, then, we must learn to expect everything from him and ask him for it, gratefully acknowledging him as the giver of all we receive. This awareness of divine perfection is the best way to learn piety from which true religion springs.”

In Romans 1:28, Paul directly links a failure in piety to a refusal “retain” the knowledge of God. The knowledge of God in all of his perfection and greatness, to know him for who he is, is a great wellspring. I pray that we would all grow in the knowledge of God and that it would lead to great love for, and reliance on God, growing into an awesome act by God to his glory!



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