Posted by: William | January 2, 2008

To You Who Have Wandered from God

Have you wandered from the fold of God?

The past days I have felt a great weight on my heart. Most especially to you who have wandered from God. I have been filled with sorrow as my memory highlights times when my own actions may have lead to this. I’m filled with grief over it and continually pray for you, whoever you are. I do not write these things in judgment; I know that it in my flesh I too am prone to wander and if left to my own devices, I would. In my flesh, I am only one step away from the worst of sins, but I thank God for having constrained my will thus far and pray, beg that in his mercy he would do the same for you!

So, have you wandered from the fold of God? God knows this and your conscience bears witness too it as well! Perhaps, besides your best efforts, you elevated your romantic interest of the day above your love for God. Or maybe it was a sin that you could not beat; no matter the accountability or the measures to prevent it, it lurked everywhere carrying with it discouragement that you eventually folded under. Or was it your most sinful love of this world; your job, your house, you money, the things your money bought? Do not try to fool yourself with contextually groundless idioms! ‘Once saved, always saved,’ ‘we’ll never stop sinning,’ ‘God understands my position,’ ‘I need to be in the world, but not of the world’. Brother, you are of the world and you are in great danger! You are being duped by a poison that will flatter your mouth but kill your stomach! Do not justify your position; for what you fashion might look like justification through the dimly lit eyes of a man, but before God, it is a wretched departure from the perfect and true justification of Jesus Christ; you have traded gold coins for rotting wooden ones, which will never afford your salvation!

Do you not understand the dangerous trap that you’re walking into? This is not about freedom of speech, artistic expression, personal interest, experiencing or ‘living’ life or even about a season in life. We are talking about eternity. You may think to yourself that you have much time to ponder all these things, but first you will go and live a little. Stop! Stop! Stop! Do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance? Stop! Don’t you know that you are storing up wrath for yourself? (Romans 2:4-5) You might think yourself young enough to live, but you are old enough to die, and I assure you your ‘living’ is not worth it!

What have you done? Have you looked at a woman or a man and made them into a banquet of lust for yourself? Did you masturbate? Did you have sex with that person? Did you rape that person? Did you look at pornography, do you make pornography? Do you hate someone, fantasize about killing them? Did you carry out your murderous fantasy? Do you envy your neighbors things? Did you take them when he wasn’t looking? Have you been smoking marijuana, getting drunk, doing heavier and heavier drugs? Have you been selling those drugs? Have you filled your life with little lies that affect no one, but you? That is a great lie! Have you cursed God? Have you cursed Jesus? Brother, you have not blasphemed the Holy Ghost! Come back, it is not too late to come back!

There is grace enough for you; today, you hear his voice! Stop! don’t harden your heart with pride! (Hebrews 4:7) Don’t forget the parable of the prodigal son so soon! While you are at the trough longing to feast with the pigs, your Father waits for you, desires your returning. He waits with a robe, a fine ring and fresh sandals for your feet, which are no doubt cut and bleeding! Come back, come back, come back! You will never be satisfied where you are and when you have had your fill of garbage and putrid meat, even still, death awaits you! Come back, come back, come back! There is still grace enough for you! I beg you, from a burden on my heart for you, in the name of Jesus Christ, come back and live!



  1. That was exactly what I need to hear today. Thank you.

  2. Your welcome.

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