Posted by: William | January 3, 2008

I’m a Tongue Surgeon

I’m basically a brain surgeon. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. But, I must say, the surgery just performed, by me, seems to have been a success. You see, about two weeks ago, my laptop monitor started acting all screwy; going blank all of a sudden. Then it started happening more often. Then it started happening all the time. After becoming frustrated with the error and not being able to find anyone who knew what might be going on, I buckled under my frustration and purchased a replacement LCD screen from ebay; ran me about a hundred and thirty bucks,  it did.

Well, the new screen arrived in the mail today. I promptly stopped the work I was doing, washed and gloved up and began to take my laptop apart. First I took out pretty much every screw I could find. That didn’t work. Then, by chance, I found a small plastic cover that snaps off revealing a set of hidden screws. It was really less like snapping off, and more like breaking off, but for sake of the story, we’ll say “snapping.” I took out those screws and the screen basically just fell off. I pulled the thing to pieces and carefully put in the new LCD screen. Then, I eclipsed the time it took to take the thing apart trying to figure out where to put all the screws I’d needlessly taken out.

All in all, I write this post to all of you from, what seems to be a working laptop. I guess being that the screen is the way the computer communicates, the screen is really more like its tongue than its brain. I’m a tongue surgeon. And unless the laptop doesn’t reject the transplant, this was one successful surgery! Praise the Lord!



  1. Congrats. Remind me to never have you work on my laptops… or my tongue.

  2. ric booth has the most clever comments in blog history. That’s his spiritual gift….clever commenting!

  3. Overall, I believe I HAVE received more comments on my comments than on my actual blog posts at … so you may be onto something. Maybe I should just delete my blog and become a full-time commenter?

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