Posted by: William | January 4, 2008

E-Sword: Free Bible Software

Goodness, it’s late to be posting.

Well, today, I’d like to introduce you folks to a great piece of software that I was recently established in by a good friend. If you’ve ever been into a Christian bookshop, you’ve probably seen the bible software section and if you’re anything like me, you stay clear of it. Sometimes it seems like just being in the section will cause your money to burn away. Pretty much any decent bible study software’s going to run you at least a good eighty bucks, if you’re lucky, but could run you up into the thousands. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the software’s great. It just seems, well, a little bit evil to cash in on people’s need and desire to understand the Word of God.

Well, very recently I came in contact with E-Sword. Free bible study software. Here’s a brief statement taken off the main page of the E-Sword website:

“Freely you received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

Jesus told us that since we’ve been blessed we should bless others. I am happy to provide a blessing to others in the form of free Bible study software!

Frankly, that sold me. Even if the software sucked, I’d probably still have it on my computer. But that’s just the beautiful thing: the software doesn’t suck. In fact, I have used the more expensive Logos software and E-Sword seems to support pretty much all the same features (at least the ones I ever had use for).

Upon first installation, you’ll only find the King James Version along with just a few study notes and a Greek/Hebrew lexicon. The Lexicon is super easy to use with the Strong’s number after each word; simply hovering over the word will create a bubble tracing the word in its original language.

But it keeps going, the lexicon is great and the navigation is straight foreword enough. But it gets better. On the E-Sword website, you’ll find add-ons for you to pick and choose; various bible translations, Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, photos, commentaries and a bunch of other stuff. Some of the content (i.e., the NIV, Message and Amplified Bibles) must be purchased due to copyright issues (someone at Zondervan is driving a very, very expensive car). But lots of other content is available for free; including the ESV Bible Translation and a bunch of classic bible commentaries.

When you install features, they’ll show up in tabs according to the type of reference they are. Bibles are in the middle, commentaries usually to the right and dictionaries on the bottom. When you’re going through the bible, clicking on a verse will bring up any relevant commentaries on the right. Double clicking any word will pull up relevant bible dictionary or encyclopedia entries. And all scripture references are clickable to take you immediately to the corresponding verse also keeping your study clutter-free.

The software really boasts an impressive list of features, most of which I probably will never need, but certainly some preacher out there could make good use of them.

The only draw back I’d say is that the interface isn’t too pretty to look at. It seems a bit antiquated compared to some of the other stuff out there. Once you get used to it, it’s no problem at all. The software is great; our friend there at E-Sword is doing a great service for the Kingdom. If you’re in the market for some bible software, don’t waste your money. Try out E-Sword; then invest all the money you saved on bible software into a case of bibles you can give to friends, relatives and strangers.

Useful E-Sword Links:

Software Features, Downloads





  1. I have downloaded it as well but it looks like you have explored it more. A great resource though.

  2. Cool. Thanks!

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  4. Agree with that, the look isn’t very modern (in the age of Office 2007 and Vista, and it still use the .HLP), but it works just perfect. It’s STEP libraries and TOP module makes this program a large library too. Useful for every learner

  5. Very intresting bible dictionary and very educative

  6. I downloaded Bible Explorer and I love it personally. Check it out at

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