Posted by: William | January 11, 2008

Day Reboot

Do you ever have a day that feels like it needs to be rebooted, or something? Not in the sense that it’s just not going your way, but more like you’re off beat. Your heart is jumping and ducking at the wrong things. If you were in the world of Super Mario Brothers, you’d be constantly getting hit in the face with the giant fish-looking cannon rounds. But it’s not the cannon ball’s fault, you’re just not dodging things right. Maybe your knees are out of whack, or the wires connecting your brain and legs are clogged so the information is getting jammed up somewhere.

That’s my day today. Unexpected comments from family or friends knock me down, when maybe they ought to pick me up; opportunities to be encouraging or uplifting are recognized by poorly taken advantage of. The constant succession of situational misfires creates a stew of really uncomfortable discouragement.

My natural response is prayer; however their generally filled with a man-centered attitude. Now, I don’t mean to say that the specific word choice in prayer denotes its effectiveness. However, I believe in my case today, and in many people’s cases everyday, the word choice does offer a window into the heart that person has in praying their prayer. I think I mostly want God to answer my prayers for the sake of my comfort. I would like my prayers, even when I’m uncomfortable to become more God-centered.

So, this afternoon I took a nap in hopes of kind of re-booting my day. Waking up and firing on all cylinders. Well, that didn’t happen. However, I did realize the misplacement of my interest. It was in myself, when it should have been continuing in God. For that, I pray for mercy and grace to affect me. If God will allow that this day should be emotionally challenging, let it be that way and let God be glorified by it.


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