Posted by: William | January 14, 2008

Head in the Heavens

Reading in R.C. Sproul’s What is Reformed Theology, he said something basic but that sent a wave of reminder down my spine.

“In Eden, the penalty for violating the covenant’s terms was death. This penalty was not limited to spiritual death, nor would the penalty’s execution be delayed. Death is to be imposed on the very day the transgression occurred. That Adam and Eve did not die physically on the day of their first sin already displays God’s mercy and grace.”

I can remember reading the Old Testament as a new believer and feeling like the God in the Old Testament was almost like a whole different God. I couldn’t see the big picture, how God was a loving God in the New Testament and a vengeful God in the Old Testament? Well, time of course proved that my head was focused mainly here on earth instead of on heaven.

When Adam and Eve sinned their sin cast them to the lowest places of all possible existence; having known God personally and rejected him, they could not have possibly been in worse shape. It only makes sense, it is only fair that they punishment would be total annihilation. But that’s not what they got. Rather, they were given grace and mercy and did not die physically for quite some time.

Genesis chapter one introduces us to God’s grace when he created everything. By chapter three we’ve been introduced to his grace and mercy when he didn’t completely obliterate Adam and Eve. Fascinating.

Let’s endeavor in our prayers and devotions and circumstances to get our heads higher into the heavens and see this world and these lives through God’s eyes. When we do we’ll look more violently on our sin, more gratefully on God’s mercy and more compassionately on those who don’t know our Lord Jesus Christ.


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