Posted by: William | January 19, 2008

2007 in Movies

I know it’s a tad late, being that January is coming to a close soon, however, it’s not too for me to share my cinema likes and dislikes from 2007. I would generally say that I judge movies based on whether or not I was kept entertained, then if it failed, met, or exceeded my expectations. So that’s how I’ll share my opinions; sporadically and with an inconsistent measuring stick. Enjoy!

Arranged by release date:


The Messengers

Expectation: Met

Entertained: Somewhat; it had it’s moments of excitement and chills.

Recommended: Probably, if it were for some reason free.


Ghost Rider

Expectation: Met

Entertained: I got in for free; I still miss those precious lost moments.

Recommended: Maybe for military torture; but only if its for the good of the nation.


Wild Hogs

Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained: Shamefully; it was royally dumb, but I couldn’t help but enjoy myself. It was actually pretty funny.

Recommended: Yeah, in rental. Don’t expect too much.



Expectation: Met

Entertained: If I didn’t love David Fincher’s work, I’d probably have become bored at some point through the movie- it was long. However, being as it is, I enjoyed myself and got what I wanted out of Fincher.

Recommended: Yes, especially if you’re a fan of his previous stuff (se7en, Fight Club, Panic Room).



Expectation: Failed

Entertained: Yeah, I enjoyed myself, it just should have been better.

Recommended: Yes


Reign Over Me

Expectation: Blown out of the water.

Entertained: I cried. Adam Sandler does his job way better when he’s not trying to make me laugh.

Recommended: Absolutely.


Blades of Glory

Expectation: Failed

Entertained: Yes, it was funny, but no where near as funny as their premise allowed for.

Recommended: Only if you can put up with needlessly lewd humor.


The Lookout

Expectation: Failed

Entertained: Yes. Joseph Gordon-Levitt did an awesome job as the lead and it was great pretty much every time he was on screen. Beyond that though, we’ve kind of seen the story already and the rest of the package was only mediocre.

Recommended: Eh, sure


Meet the Robinsons

Expectation: Failed

Entertained: Not really

Recommended: It’s not worth the rental



Expectation: Seriously met

Entertained: Crap yes; the characters were seriously believable, the situation wasn’t too far fetched. It did a great job keeping you on the edge of your seat and Shia, he did an awesome job.

Recommended: Yes, emphatic, yes!


Hot Fuzz

Expectations: Failed

Entertained: Only for the last few minutes. The mock-action movie shtick was pointless because it only described the last few minutes of the movie.

Recommended: Unless you’re a fan of the troop, no.


The Invisible

Expectation: Failed

Entertained: By how bad it was.

Recommended: No way





Spider-Man 3

Expectation: Met

Entertained: Yup; it was funny, exciting, cool and in the end pretty satisfying.

Recommended: Yeah, but don’t expect the Mona Lisa on screen, she won’t be there.


28 Weeks Later

Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained: Yes, it was good second installment. I found that I cared about the characters and easily got involved with their situations.

Recommended: Sure


The Ex

Expectation: Met

Entertained: Yes, but it was hard to watch. It was in the same vein as Meet the Parents in that things just kept going wrong for the main guy, so much so that it almost hurt.

Recommended: Good date movie


Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Expectation: Failed

Entertained: Only so much that it finished out the trilogy and wrapped some stuff up. Jack Sparrow lost his appeal, the spontaneous wit from the first move was gone by the third.

Recommended: If you’ve seen the first two



Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained: It was genuinely scary. Cusak did an awesome job and it had a good word buried under the thrills.

Recommended: Yes


Evan Almighty

Expectation: Failed

Entertained: Not so much

Recommended: No


Live Free or Die Hard

Expectation: Met

Entertained: Definitely; tons of fun action. It’s nice to see them let Bruce Willis just go nuts with a ridiculous character.

Recommended: For sure



Expectation: Met

Entertained: Again, Shia is awesome, the action and effects were cool, and the soundtrack was totally epic.

Recommended: Of course



Expectation: Met

Entertained: Very, it was slow, but characters and situations were so ominous, however pacing wise, it was slow. The photography was excellent.

Recommended: Unless you have an affinity for film photography, probably not.



Expectation: Met

Entertained: I love musicals, and this one was through and through

Recommended: Get the sing along version.


Expectation: Failed

Entertained: Yeah, but it felt really incomplete; like they poorly adapted a graphic novel.

Recommended: No


The Simpsons Movie

Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained: They did a great job taking genuine Simpsons humor and putting it in a full length movie plot. It didn’t seem like a really long episode and good thing! I also appreciated that it was, by and large, pretty clean.

Recommended: Yes


The Borne Ultimatum

Expectation: Met

Entertained: Like the rest in the series, it was awesome. Really compelling and tons of fun. Plus, its great cause Jason so satisfyingly stays one step ahead, all the time.

Recommended: Watch the first two first.


Hot Rod

Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained: Lots of good belly laughs. Nothing too crude. Stupid, it’s unrelentingly stupid, but in a witty, creative way.

Recommended: Yes, watch it with friends.



Expectation: Met

Entertained: Yeah, it was fun and funny

Recommended: Yeah, but you gotta be okay with cheese.



Expectation: Failed

Entertained: Unfortunately. Michael Cera was really good, but it was so raunchy that I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy most of it.

Recommended: No way.


3:10 to Yuma

Expectation: Blown away

Entertained: Thoroughly. Maybe the only meaningful, powerful, thrilling, western I’ve ever seen. Everyone does an awesome job.

Recommended: Definitely.


Across the Universe

Expectation: Failed

Entertained: Marginally; the music was good but strung together in a relatively incoherent manner.

Recommended: Eh


Expectation: Obliterated

Entertained: That’s not a good word, really. It was truly powerful and thought provoking. Marvelously acted. I cried through a good third of the movie.

Recommended: Yes, but it’s heavy. You need to be ready to consider what the movie is bringing to you. It’s not just for fun.


Darjeeling Limited

Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained: It was genuinely funny, not too slow, I cared about the characters and their relationships to each other. I could have done without the sex.

Recommended: Yeah, but start it 15 minutes in. You’ll miss the gratuitous nudity.


Gone Baby Gone

Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained: Yeah, Casey Affleck did a great job and I liked the outcome.

Recommended: Yes


Martian Child

Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained: Definitely; everyone did an awesome job. The story was touching, but not hokey.

Recommended: Definitely


No Country for Old Men

Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained: Definitely, the movie was genuinely chilling and thrilling. Although it was gory in the beginning, they stopped showing it unnecessarily once they got the point across (unlike others, i.e. Pan’s Labyrinth)

Recommended: Yes



Expectation: Met

Entertained: Yeah, kind of.

Recommended: Probably if its free


August Rush

Expectation: Failed

Entertained: Only a little cause I liked the music; but by and large it was just cheesy without much to say for it.

Recommended: No



Expectation: Failed… miserably

Entertained: I forgot what movie we’re talking about

Recommended: Only if it can be refined into an alternate fuel source.

The Mist

Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained:  Definitely, it looks the way books do in my head when I read them. The effects were sometimes sub-par, but I enjoyed the photography.

Recommended: No, you’ll be disappointed with the ending.



Expectation: Met

Entertained: Definitely. Really funny, moving, and treating a serious topic with a lot of respect while still making us laugh.

Recommended: Yes


I Am Legend

Expectation: Failed

Entertained: Yeah, I enjoyed Will Smith in the roll and it did keep me thrilled. However, with the plot they had, they could have taken the movie for three hours and I would have stuck with it. As is, they cut it short and it felt forced.

Recommended: Not really


Sweeney Todd

Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained: Oh yeah, I love musicals, I love Tim Burton, I love Johnny Depp. Recipe for success. The atmosphere was awesome, music was awesome. Gore was whimsical and obviously artificial, which made it easier for me to watch.

Recommended: Yeah, but you need to okay with a lot of fake blood.


There Will Be Blood

Expectation: Exceeded

Entertained: Thoroughly; everyone did an awesome job and the characters were legitimately interesting.

Recommended: Yes


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