Posted by: William | January 20, 2008

For All the Fullness to Dwell

I’m currently studying Colossians and I wanted to say a brief word about Colossians 1:19: “For it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him…” I have always maintained this verse to simply be saying that Jesus is the perfect picture of the Father (Heb 1:3). That the God we cannot see is seen clearly in Jesus. I’m convinced however now that this, and like references, make greater assertions about Jesus that sits on the surface.

I agree with commentator R.C. Lucas when he writes, “For Paul, there was nothing whatever of the Godhead that was not in Christ; the full compliment of divine attributes is to be found in him.”

What Lucas means is that Jesus is not only the representation of God the Father, being one part of the Trinity, but rather the perfect representation, the full representation, the incarnate representation of the whole trinity. All of the Godly and emotionally complimenting attributes of the Godhead exist in perfect example in the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, illuminate your Word for us to more clearly understand you; to more wholly love you; to be more completely devoted to you; to more fully glorify you. Jesus, for the sake of your glory, create humility of heart in me and in your church. Give us grace to see you, the perfect image of the invisible triune God, and to relinquish our lives rightly to you who is all worthy.



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