Posted by: William | January 23, 2008

Real Power

I had planned today to write up a post this afternoon. However, when I sat down I found myself with little I felt confident writing about and when I wrote anyway I found it was forced and without much real feeling. So, I put it off and now its 10:30 and I finally feel confident about what I’d like the share today.

Tonight at small group we discussed, in a general sense, God’s power. I know, talk about a broad topic. Even just to skim over it would take well over the two hours we had; a point that was well made during our discussion. Well, in any case, the point as it rests with me, makes me think over the spectrum of God’s power; the natural and the supernatural.

All of the world, since the creation of the world, has been able to plainly see God’s power in nature (Romans 1:20). It is only the fringes of his power (Job 26:14). Like the simplicity of our breathing, it was only a word from the mouth of God and the foundations of all the earth were laid. God’s power is only barely touched on and seen in his creative power; it took him next to naught to create something out of nothing, and how much less is it that God would supernaturally rearrange what he has already created (Matthew 9:5)! I sometimes feel silly when I look at God’s supernatural movement like it’s the epitome of his power. I would look awestruck at his cleansing a man of leprosy or even that he would enable men to speak in languages not yet learned. But in reality, this is so little to God. How are we surprised that the living God could give man an unnatural ability?

For the foundations of the world, only a word was spoken. For the forgiveness of sins, God stepped down (John 1:14) and gave himself. What is it to God that he could create the foundations of the world and cause them to move and shift according to his every desire? But who are we that God should see fit to give himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins? I submit that the greatest display of God’s power we have before us is in the regeneration of our very souls; our own dead hearts brought back to life by the grace and power of God. I’m reminded of Colossians 1:24-27; “The mystery which has been hidden from the past ages and generations, but has now been manifested to His saints… Christ in you, the hope of glory!” It is Christ’s presence and power in our own hearts that gives us the ability to follow his commands; all the way from “repent and believe,” to “pray continually.” This is the power of God before us and in us; fallen man, able to please God, thanks to God in Jesus Christ, with power of God as distributed by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus, I pray for a humble heart to look to you to supply me, and your church, with the power we need to live the lives you have called us to live to your glory. Father, I pray that our eyes and hearts would be opened to see your power in all of its facets and manifestations and in seeing it we would be more ready, in your strength, to give you the glory you’re due.



  1. “Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.”

    – Solomon

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