Posted by: William | January 24, 2008

Stress Relief

I’ve been working like a dog today. Well, as much like a dog as a web designer can (not that that’s what I am, but that’s what I was acting like today). Unfortunately, things did not roll smoothly out onto the web and I still have not rubbed out all the bumps. The early parts of this day were far less composed than it has ended up now. I was frustrated, angry and my mind was everywhere it shouldn’t be. Thank God, he allowed me to maintain at least some level of self-control, because I almost definitely would have thrown my laptop in the trash.

Finally, a point around one o’clock I realized that my mind wasn’t where it should be and I wasn’t adequately able to keep my thoughts pure and a healthy focus on God. I stopped what I was doing, walked into the kitchen, paced about for a long time, finally I retreated back to my bedroom and sat in my rocking chair. I leaned back, took some deep breaths and began to ask God for mercy and peace so that I wouldn’t continue further on my path into the darkness of my own mind. I sat there for a substantial amount of time just trying to be quiet and remain in a place of prayer. Eventually, I turned on eastern style meditation music from Nadaka and Karunesh and continued to just be quiet and listen. As aggressive thoughts would come to my mind concerning the struggle of the day, I would continue to ask God for what I needed from him to continue to act as he has called me to act. Eventually, I was calm and quiet enough to pick up my bible and study some from Colossians. A couple of hours later, when I returned to my work, I was able to do it consciously in light of Christ’s work in my life.

Now, I know we all have days like these, I thought I would ask all of you, how do you deal with those times? How do you pursue the Lord in those times?



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