Posted by: William | January 30, 2008

Every Thought Captive

What hold my thoughts captive? I think the most basic and natural answer is myself. In a natural sense, I am the center of my universe. The things that happen are in relation to me and where they are not in relation to me, I am usually hard pressed to lend my mind to such matters. This is not the way it should be.

I have heard before in discourse fellows saying things like, “it is not like we always need to be thinking about God.” To this, I agree; kind of. I agree there are times that it will be necessary for us to think of ‘other’ things; but I suggest that they shouldn’t be ‘other’ things at all. When every thought has been taken captive (2 Cor. 10:5) and put into obedience to Christ, is there truly any matter, whether ‘directly’ relating to God or not, that is not placed under the Lordship of Christ? For example, if every thought has truly been taken captive and yet someone gives thought and attention to football, that thought then exists under the Lordship of Christ and that thought is glorifying God (Romans 14:6). However, let’s say that our thoughts are not taken captive and we give our thoughts to football? We have engaged in idolatry. What happens if we give our thoughts to our work or business? We have engaged in idolatry. What happens if we give our thoughts, even thoughts, to God? We have engaged in idolatry, because the thoughts are still held captive by self and therefore even the thoughts we have about God are wicked (Isaiah 64:6).

Stop! William, do not ease your conscience with this, saying “You see, think about whatever you will, because in God’s eyes, it is righteous.” It is much to easy to simply go on in a pattern of idolatry and wickedness of thought, under the guise that you have been permitted to do so. Have you been permitted to do so; can you be sure of this? Have your thoughts been taken captive to the obedience of Christ? Or do you maintain captivity of your thoughts and sometimes lend them sinfully to Christ? I urge that we wrestle with these ideas. Question if what we are thinking about is good or is it wicked.

And what happens if these thoughts are not taken captive and put into obedience to Christ? Well, I can almost assure you that they will not just stay in our heads forever. They’ll almost certainly seep out through out hands into whatever we touch and create a great deal of grief; whether it be unjust business dealings, hurtful lies to a spouse or loved one, or a violent rape. This is a dangerous line to walk; let’s take our thoughts captive to Christ!

Jesus, I pray for mounting humility in my thoughts. I confess the pride that lurks in the dark of my mind. Jesus, I pray that you would shine light on these dark places and burn them up! Jesus, I pray that by your Holy Spirit, you would create in me and in your church, holiness through and through, to your glory!



  1. Thanks, brother. Well sighted and well spoken…

    I appreciate the new puritan twinge to your lexicon:
    “…in discourse fellows saying things like…”

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