Posted by: William | February 4, 2008

Some Favorite TV Shows


Being that I’m sick and unable to do very much critical thinking, I’ve been instead passing my time sleeping and watching TV. And of course reading whenever I am able to. But this made it seem quite appropriate for another one of those list-type posts. Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite TV shows. These appear in no particular order.

Heroes (NBC)

I love this TV show. I don’t have any specific order, but I know that if I took the time to figure it out, this one would be pretty close to, if not at, the top. The progressive story line is tons of fun. The characters are acted appropriately; cheesy sometimes, but appropriate. It’s also no under or overdone with the visuals. It doesn’t come across as a hokey TV show, it sometimes feels more like a really, really long superhero movie chock full of guilty pleasures.


Monk (USA)

This is another one of those shows that really exceeds your expectations. An obsessive compulsive genius detective with plenty of amusing quirks, brilliant. The lead guy, Tony Shalhoub, really does an excellent job; he’s funny and believable. Although, it’s possible that the show just has a special place in my heart because I have my own obsessive compulsive tendencies which sometimes mirror the show. I’m just going to stick with it being an awesome show though. No progressive storyline lets you pick it up whenever, then put it down and not miss a thing.


Psych (USA)

It took a while for this show to grow on me. The first time I watched it, it just seemed kind of dumb. The plots are kind of fantastic and on any realistic level, the characters just aren’t believable. However, that been said, once you get to know the characters, it’s easy to have a lot of fun. Basically, a hyper observant twenty-something passes himself as a psychic to work with the police. Again, no progressive story line makes it easy to bit of just enough to watch while eating lunch or something.


King of the Hill (FOX)

I am kind of alone in a crowd on this one it seems. I like this show because it’s almost never vulgar and usually pretty funny. I also like that they portray a stereotypical southern conservative family, but ultimately, don’t really bash them. While most of the plots revolve around some kind of liberalism invading Hank’s (the main character) family, it pretty much always comes back around to a conclusion in which Hank’s moral standpoint was correct with a wholesome lesson learned. It’s actually somewhat refreshing.


The Simpsons (FOX)

This one’s kind of a no-brainer. It’s been on for so long that it’s hard not to put it onto your favorite TV shows list. I can remember being a kid and wanting to watching but my parents thought it was too vulgar. They were probably right at the time, but as an adult, it’s pretty hard to see it as vulgar especially on the backdrop of other shows, like South Park or Family Guy. The Simpsons rarely fails to entertain me, although sometimes I do cut it off if they’re riding heavy on a religious theme. I don’t really like that. This one’s recorded daily on my DVR.


Myth Busters (Discovery)

I’m actually not much of a fan of discovery programming, but this show really is a lot of fun. My father, an engineer, is always highly critical of their experiments; he’s constantly picking out the flaws. I, however, enjoy the onscreen personalities and seeing the results and especially when they blow things up. Did you know that a snapping cable in fact won’t cut you in half?


MASH (Syndicated)

I don’t really know what it is about this show, but I grew up on it and to this day, I love it. Hawkeye, Honeycut, Radar; just all in all a fun crew. I love the totally unrealistic wit and banter and I love it when they interject some kind of moral word. An oldie but a goodie.



  1. I grew up on M*A*S*H the first time around. Kinda like my generation’s Heros, Lost or 24 – except it wasn’t a night time soap. We would watch it and talk about it in school or at work. Thanks for the memory lane stroll.

  2. I pray you’re feeling better soon.

    I happen to like several of your top shows, too. Monk is fun -reminds me of Encyclopedia Brown or Two Minute Mysteries (remember those, Ric?)

    Psych is too funny for the one-liners that they throw around – and you have to listen carefully to pick up on what they are referencing – usually an old TV show.

    hehe – I know people who think ‘King of the Hill’ is a documentary…

    Never got into the Simpsons – I don’t dislike the show, just too old I guess.

    M*A*S*H (It’s my OCD) is truly a show for the ages. Set during the Korean War it was really a Vietnam protest, or really a protest of all war. I don’t think it was unrealistic – catch the movie sometime (if you haven’t).

    My other favorites are House, M.D. – somehow I relate to him; and the original Star Trek series – lot’s of metaphors for life in that; finally I’m a Law and Order junkie – I just love courtroom drama.


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