Posted by: William | February 16, 2008

The Comfort of the Body

I thought that I’d like to share some thanksgiving that I have, especially tonight. I’ve spent the last two hours worshipping and praying with some (four to be exact) brothers in Christ. We focused a good portion on sexual sin as far as scripture, and our lives, and the church is concerned. Some statistics (that I can’t effectively site right now; you’ll just have to take my word for it) show that sexual sin, pornography and infidelity are extremely rampant in the church. Some would suggest that it’s almost, if not just as bad as outside of the church—although I’m not sure how valid that is. So, we spent a good portion of the time in discussion about sexual sin, in specific, and prayed over the topic.

We shared communion together and remembered and discussed the spilled blood of our savior and so also we remembered and discussed our own sins.

So what am I thankful for tonight? The body of Christ. I know that I am never alone; but also, I am thankful that physically I am not alone. God has placed me within his body where there is love and support, conviction and encouragement.

Jesus, thank you for placing me in your body. Jesus, I pray that you would give me the humility to submit in love to that body, to encourage that body and to lay my life down for that body. Jesus, sanctify us by the Holy Spirit, for the sake of your glory!


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