Posted by: William | February 18, 2008

Raiders of the Lost Ark

In anticipation of the upcoming Indiana Jones movie this May, my family decided to watch one movie of the trilogy each month, for the next three months, obviously coming to a climax in may with the fourth installment. So today, we ordered some pizza and sat down as a family to enjoy the first movie of the trilogy: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I won’t try to pull anything particularly spiritual out of the movie, although I’m sure that it could be found; I think I’d probably be forcing something. One little thing I would like to note about the movie is the obvious spiritual implications of archeologists finding the Ark of the Covenant. I haven’t seen the movie in about eight or nine years and this is definitely the first time having seen the movie as a Christian. And something I never noticed before was that, while it treated the Ark as something superstitious, in the end it ended up having an immense amount of power attached to it. The impression at the end is clearly something like, “don’t mess with God.”

Obviously “don’t mess with God” is a very incomplete picture but it is certainly a part of the picture and it’s rare to see that at all acknowledged in any kind of media.

I am also thankful to God for the chance to spend time as family. I am especially privileged to continue to do so as our family has grown older and we have all become adults.



  1. I think pulling spiritual truth from movies, songs, books, etc. is often forced by Christians (and other groups no doubt). However, I suspect quite possibly everything deals with with something spiritual/supernatural. To me, The Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones illustrates a pop culture point of view.

  2. Yeah, forced is actually probably an understatement.

  3. Yes but I think I may not have made my point… I believe spiritual TRUTH is too often forced by Christians into some piece of art. Spirituality (as viewed by the artist) is embedded in their art. Well, if not all their art, then maybe 99% of it. So the writer/director of this movie believe God punishes bad people. Pop-culture spirituality.

    Now if, while Indiana is shouting “Don’t look Marian!”, she had actually turned to look and melted or turned to stone or something …hmmm that’d been really cool.

  4. Ok, I get what you’re saying. I definitely don’t think Speilberg was reading the bible or anything before he made the movie. Although as Christians it’s pretty easy to draw correlations where perhaps the author didn’t necessarily intend for them to be.

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