Posted by: William | February 22, 2008

A Night of Encouragement

God really blessed this night. It came after a string of two or three days of rough conversations, difficult interactions, and emotional and spiritual failures on my part. Needless to say the day came upon me while I was discouraged.

After a particularly difficult conversation this afternoon, I was invited to join a good friend’s youth group to serve a group of homeless people and eat dinner with them. I was asked to take photographs of the kids serving—something that I very quickly found myself convicted for. Once the men and women came in, I tried to find some way to take the pictures without making it look like we thought we were better than them. I found it almost impossible; probably because that’s exactly the problem with it. It wasn’t long before I just put the stupid camera away and tried my best to love them as fellow humans, created by God in his image. I met some beautiful people.

One couple stands out especially in my mind; Emery, Tasha and their thirteen month old son, Logan. Emery’s father was deported and his mother was forced t move down south. Emery and Tasha got pregnant very young forcing Emery to quit school and Tasha to quit her job. On Emery’s salary, they weren’t able afford their apartment and a few days ago they got evicted. They’ve been pseudo living in a church trying to figure out how to make some money. I had the great privilege of playing with Logan and talking to Emery. Emery is ashamed because he feels unable to provide for his son. But he loves his son deeply and that will go a long way. Being that the couple is close to my own age, I hope to be able to build a friendship with them.

After giving my phone number to Emery, the lot of us headed back home. I and a group of others headed back to my house where we worshipped in song and shared communion together. It truly was a great blessing.

So why do I share all this? I guess I’m not sure that there’s a really great reason. I am greatly humbled by those who God allowed me to meet tonight and I’m encouraged by the worship God provided for us give tonight.

Thank you Jesus for having provided so abundantly. Thank you Jesus for loving us, for coming for us, the dying for us, for saving us. Jesus, I pray that you would invade Emery and Tasha’s hearts and bring them to salvation. Jesus, I pray for Logan as he grows, I pray that by some act of your providence you would allow him to be raised according to your truth. Humble me more deeply Jesus, sanctify your church, God!



  1. What a truly moving post. I hope you know how much that had to mean to those folks. Sometimes it’s the little things that we do for people that matter the most.

    My wife and I were in a similar situation around six months ago. A homeless man came into the restaurant we normally visit and he asked me for something simple like an aspirin I think. The Holy Spirit moved in myself and my wife and we asked this gentleman to join us for breakfast. We had an interesting meal and conversation, discovering that he had a wealth of bible knowledge and a strong faith. We received several strange looks from others in the restaurant as our “friend” did not have the greatest clothes. However we just ignored those around us.

    To make a long story short, we spent the rest of the afternoon with our new friend, bought him some new clothes and offered encouragement and anything else that we had in our means. Later on he decided to move on and we blessed him and wished him well. We felt so blessed to be able to help, in some way in someone’s life. And in some ways he was able to help us as well. We would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

    This is what Christ wants for us all to share our lives with each other and our faith with anyone we meet.

    I want to thank you for sharing this thought, as it serves as a reminder to me to share, and give not just our money but our time in the lives of those who may need it the most…those lost, or in dire need. God bless you!

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