Posted by: William | February 25, 2008

What Value Does a Person Have

What value does a person, namely a Christian, have? Lots. We are made in the image of God; we’re unique in that we were made to look like him in some respect; Christians, even more so. As creatures, we’re loved above the rest of creation by God. For Christians, unlike the angels who fell, God set into action a plan to rescue us from the dismal failure we created; we’re favored even more highly than the angels. Diamonds are just rocks, but people desperately want them—and so they are valuable. Diamonds are made valuable by those who value them. In much the same way, our value is made by God’s value of us.

Yet somehow, in spite of the knowledge of God giving his completely innocent son to rescue the guilty parties, we still fail to see our chief value in God’s valuing us. Instead we misplace that value into other things; relationships, work, ministry, etc. All the while, the pinnacle of our value has already been reached in Christ. Should the whole world reject us, it’s of no real consequence because the living God has accepted us (Romans 8:1).

Dr. Larry Crabb puts it well saying:

“It is true that Christians are fully accepted by God because of Jesus’ shed blood. For us, there is now no condemnation. But somehow we fail to grasp that God’s acceptance makes anyone else’s rejection no more devastating than a misplaced dollar would be to a millionaire. We foolishly believe that other people’s acceptance represents a legitimate measure of our value. We fear the rejection of people and therefore hide from them.”


I realize in my own life my personal value that I foolishly misplace and put in people’s opinions of me, or in the success of what I set out to do. This naturally cultivates fear in me that Christ’s love stands to cast out (1 John 4:18). When we (and I especially) can live without that fear we’ll find greater freedom to love others selflessly according to the commands of our Lord.

Jesus, help me to place my own value squarely in you. Jesus, I pray for the church that we, together, would stop looking in other things, for what can only truly be found in you. Holy Spirit, strengthen and sanctify us, for the sake of your glory. God, get your glory!



  1. Now Crabb is someone that I highly respect. What work are you citing? I’ve read most of his books; a very interesting spiritual journey if you read them in order.

    I don’t think your distinction between people vs. Christians is Biblical, btw. Humans are unique vs. the other species, but there is no difference between Christians vs. non-Christians in terms of our makeup.

    I agree that we don’t really grasp our intrinsic value.


  2. Amen

  3. It’s from an older book titled “Encouragement”.

    There’s no biological difference between a Christian vs a non-Christian, but a world of spiritual difference between them. One being spiritually alive while the other is not.

  4. I’ve got that one. How many of his books have you read? It’s best to read them in chronological order.

  5. Just this one. A friend read it and had some good things to say so I picked up a used copy from Amazon.

  6. Gosh, it’s been almost 20 years – but the book that radically changed my walk with God is “Inside Out” by Larry Crabb. I’m not exactly sure of the publication order, but I know it came after encouragement. I would HIGHLY recommend you pick that up and read/study it.

    I was just checking Amazon, and it seems I’m a little behind on his writings. I might have to pick up a couple more titles myself.

    “The Silence of Adam” – a great book about being a man.
    “The Safest Place on Earth” – an earlief writing of Crabb’s about church.
    “The Pressure is Off”/”Shattered Dreams” – interesting reading on coping with life.

    I’ve got most of these titles if you want to borrow them.

  7. I have that book. Sounds like I should move it up on my reading list.

  8. I’ll definitely keep that title in mind. I’m out of money and already have a dozen or so books in que, but I’ll put it on there.

    I finished Encouragement yesterday, so I’ll be writing my thoughts on it today.

  9. Ric – I think you have my copy! read it and pass it on…

  10. Which One?! I have (& have read) “The Silence of Adam”, “The Safest Place on Earth”, and “The Pressure is Off”. Although I cannot find The Pressure is Off. The one you recommend “Inside Out” I don’t remember. I’ll look thru my piles.

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