Posted by: William | February 27, 2008

Music of the Week: The Counting Crows

Strange as it may seem, this week I’ve been listening a lot to the Counting Crows. Actually, it’s been more like a week and a half. It started when the Serius radio link went out at work and I plugged up my ipod. I needed something to play on really short notice. I found the Counting Crows CD and hit loop. Ever since the songs have been stuck in my head; plus it’s pretty easy music to just put on and forget about.

So, here’s the thing about the Counting Crows. I’m not an especially huge fan. I can remember back in high school/middle school hearing that song Long December on the radio and liking it. I can even remember singing it in the shower. It might have had something to do with social status, or maybe just an overall lack of funds, but I never did purchase a CD from them until recently. Even when I did get my hands on a CD, I think it was Recovering the Satellites, I wasn’t especially crazy about all of the non-single songs on the CD. So truthfully, to this day, I wouldn’t list the Counting Crows and any kind of top ten, or even probably a top 25 (maybe a top 50).

So what the heck am I doing writing about them? Their singles. They’re awesome. The Counting Crows radio songs a great. The hooks are great. The lyrics are great. The music is great. They’re just great. So about a year ago when I found out they had released a Best Of album titled Films About Ghosts I was pretty excited. I picked up the album (although I can’t really remember where, I think it was itunes) and have pretty much thoroughly enjoyed their whole arsenal of singles.

Some of my favorites from their Best Of album are Round Here, Long December, Rain King, Omaha, oh heck, I just really like all the songs. That’s part of why it’s been playing on my ipod for the past week or so—all the songs are great, so you never really need to skip any songs. In fact the only song I skip is Friend of the Devil. It might be superficial, but the title makes me uncomfortable.

So, the conclusion, if you like what you hear from the Counting Crows on the radio, but don’t know where to start, then go pick up their album Films About Ghosts, it will almost certainly not disappoint you with late-nineties pop-folk-rock goodness.



  1. The Counting Crows radio songs a great. The hooks are great. The lyrics are great. The music is great. They’re just great.

  2. I love Counting Crows. I’ve got a couple of their albums (August and Everything After, This Desert Life).

    One of my pet peeves about this iPod generation is the propensity to “skip songs”. It drives me crazy when my kids request a CD in the car, then spend all their time shouting out the tracks they want to hear.

    I mourn the days when you put an album on the turntable (or popped in the 8-track) and listened from beginning to end. There are many albums that work together as entire pieces of art – not just a collection of singles. Alas…

    Anyway, my favorite Counting Crow songs are (in no particular order):

    Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby
    All My Friends
    Accidentally in Love
    St. Robinson
    Mr. Jones
    A Murder of One
    Rain King
    Round Here

    oh yeah, good stuff….I’m gonna have to do some listening – but I’m stuck on Larry Norman right now.

  3. Ah! Colorblind, that’s one song I really really love, but isn’t on the CD. I also agree, there are many times that the constant skipping of songs is annoying. However, being that a good deal of music only barely functions as art that I want to sit and appreciate, it’s actually kind of nice.

  4. No Crows in my house… Maybe there should be. Burn me a bootleg CD and bring tonight! You are coming right? I’m doing My Friend plus a couple others. It’ll crush you. Promise.

    Also, I might sing. Yeah. Precedent has been set so I would not be the first one off key. Bring your video cam cuz we’ll prob wanna YouTube it.

  5. that made me smile.
    don’t know why, but i thought you should know.

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