Posted by: William | March 1, 2008

Satisfied with the Satisfaction

I decided today to remain in brief and share a thought from William Bridge on the topic of Christ’s atonement for our sins and our sometimes failure to relinquish the guilt that has already seen payment.


“If the Lord Jesus Christ made full satisfaction unto God the Father, how is it that believers, many of them have their consciences so perplexed in regard of sin, as if there were no satisfaction at all made? The reason is, because that men do not study this truth, but are ignorant of it. As, suppose that a man do owe three or four hundred pounds to a shopkeeper for wares that he hath taken up there; a friend comes, pays the debt , and crosses the book; but the debtor when he comes and looks upon the book is able to read all the particulars; and not being acquainted with the nature of crossing the book, he is able to read all the particulars, and he charges it still upon himself. , because he does not understand the nature of crossing the book… So now it is here: the Lord Jesus Christ hath come and crossed our book with his own blood; the sins are to be read in your own consciences, but we, being not acquainted with the nature of Christ’s satisfaction, we charge ourselves, as if no sin at all were satisfied for.”


William Bridge is right, that rather than forgetting, or not understanding with our heart, the satisfaction that Christ’s has made, we should study his Word and let it sink into our hearts and mind and so we can rest in the peace of the satisfaction he has already made.



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