Posted by: William | March 8, 2008

I Hate Working

Is there something you really hate doing, I mean really hate doing? Maybe it’s homework for a class you don’t care about, trying to buy pants, or maybe it’s shopping for shoes that will fit your ridiculously large feet. I think it goes without saying these are things we all hate. But for me, what takes the cake is work. Plain and simple, working. I absolutely hate it. I hate going to the job, putting on the uniform (whatever it may be), fitting into the system of rules and policies, knowing that there’s a boss over you who’s job it is to keep you doing your job. All of it just cumulates into something that thoroughly irks me.


I know that this is due, in part, by a real struggle with authority; one of the negative side effects of a positive gift.


Recently, I have been intentional in not spending very much money. Not purchasing things I don’t need (i.e., food, coffee, knick knacks, music, movies, general entertainment stuff, etc.). This has done a few things for me. First of all, I don’t go out as much, so I almost never fill my gas tank, saving me more money. Second, I have a lot of time to read books (one of the few things I will spend money on). Third, it means I don’t have to work very often; which ends up being a blessing and a curse.


When the time of the month rolls around to pay bills, I’m usually not financially set and need to come up with money. My natural reaction would normally be panic. At this time in my life though, I’ve attempted to change my reaction and attitude to faith; pray that God would provide what I need. Along with that of course would be a humble acceptance that if God is going to provide (as if there’s a time when he doesn’t provide), it would be quite arrogant for me to demand the way he chooses to provide. So, in my praying that God would provide, he always does but almost never does what I need just fall into my lap. God is much too clever for that. He knows I’ve got character issues and it seems that he plans to use my need to hit two birds with one stone.


One Thursday of this week I picked up a shift to serve tables the next night, on Friday. As soon as the decision was made, the long bitter decent into workforce engagement began. Lots of thoughts naturally gravitated to how I could bail out on my new commitment to go and work. The night at work finally came and thanks to some helpful encouragement I went and intentionally tried to give my service directly to God. He honored my efforts—not with money, but with a confirmation in my spirit that God had provided the opportunity for me to work, earn money, serve him and work on a deep seated character issue.


This post is solely in praise to God for providing for me in all of the ways that I need, even the ones that I’m uncomfortable with or challenge my complacency. Praise Jesus for knowing me much better than I know myself, for seeing the big picture clearly, and for working all things for his glory and my good.



  1. I commend your resistance of what I call “chasing after the american dream.”

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