Posted by: William | March 21, 2008

My Prayer on a Very Good Friday

Jesus, I’m sorry for my sin that leads you up the hill to Golgotha today. Thank you Jesus, for the sacrifice we remember today; the sacrifice of your own body that you made freely because you love us. I know there isn’t anything that I could possibly do to repay you, and I don’t want to try. I know it would only trivialize your death.

I know the weight I have felt for my own sin and it’s unbearable. When I have looked at myself in contrast to you, I can’t handle the thought. I know, if left to myself, I wouldn’t make it. But you went under the weight of all sin; not just mine. I can’t imagine, I can’t even start to.

I don’t want to forget you today, or any day. I don’t want to let you on the cross slip by the wayside of my mind. The most profound miracle of all created history took place when you gave up your spirit on that cross (for us) and there’s nothing more I want now than to know you and to live for you and with you.

Jesus, I pray for mercy on behalf of those who still have not known you. Those for whom you suffered and died on that cross and yet who still have not repented. Jesus, I pray that you would pour out exceeding amounts of your grace and mercy on them. By your Holy Spirit, do your regenerating work and save them, Lord.

Jesus, for your glory, strengthen your church today. Help us to remember your death; what it was for and what it accomplished.



  1. Have a great Resurrection Weekend.

    Here is my latest post on “A Sinner Saved By Grace”

    Love in Christ Jesus

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