Posted by: William | March 25, 2008

One: Heaven to Win or Lose

Richard Baxter’s first point of introspection for ministers of the Gospel:


“You have heaven to win or lose yourself… a holy calling will not save an unholy man.”


Do I believe the Gospel message I intend to communicate with my life and words? When I proclaim in word or in deed that there is great need to “repent and believe the gospel” do I really believe that? Being a great preacher, or evangelist isn’t grounds enough to make way into heaven. We have to personally enjoy the saving grace of God. So, while we’ll teach many things to believers and unbelievers alike, we had better make sure that we’re also teaching ourselves, and not that only, but that we’re believing our own teaching.


I have found in my past that when I’m on the spot to teach others, I do end up teaching myself. However, I’ve also found myself in times when I will teach one thing, perhaps against some particular sin, but before the day is though have committed willingly and unashamedly that very thing. As a slightly older child in Christ, that notion strikes me with fear. For the sake of my own soul, do I enact what I teach? Do I teach one thing with my Words, yet prove with my deeds that I don’t believe it?


Jesus, I pray that you would give me a humble sense of introspection. Jesus, I pray that for the sake of your glory, you would give me a mind that looks intently to my own relationship with you. Jesus, challenge me when I do not believe your word. Challenge me when I do not keep your word. Jesus, help your church, especially the ministers of your Word, to remember that we have heaven to win or lose ourselves and that a holy calling cannot save unholy men. Sanctify us, God, for the sake of your glory!


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