Posted by: William | March 28, 2008

Five: Scrutinizing Eyes

The fourth point of introspection for ministers was well covered in yesterday’s post, so I will continue today with Richard Baxter’s fifth point of introspection for ministers of the Gospel:

“Many eyes are upon you, and therefore there will be many to observe you falls.”

This is an excellent mercy from God. Sin is a dreadful thing that threatens so much of our comfort and joy in the Lord. Having so many eyes upon you leaves you with many accountability partners. Anything that can help us to abstain from sin is an excellent mercy and it should be embraced.

When leading a small group a while back it was a time that I enjoyed an easier height of holiness. Teaching week in and week out about the Christian’s walk, causes the obvious sins to be exposed regularly to the light and as such there is greater motivation to withdraw from them. Of course, that doesn’t always lead a minister to stand against the more subtle sins of the heart, however, if he wishes to keep his hands clean, he’ll have to endeavor for a clean heart as well.

Jesus, I pray for the ministers of your Gospel in your church that you would remind them of the scrutinizing eyes they lay under. Use those eyes to compel them to expel sin from their lives and so descend more deeply into you and your word. Give us grace God to walk this life in a manner, with a heart, glorifying to you.


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