Posted by: William | April 18, 2008

Peter, Paul & Benedict

In my parent’s house we have Verizon FiOS installed for the television and internet. Historically, our family has usually been on the tail end of that kind of thing, but ever since my father got a big HDTV about a year ago, leaps like this have come a bit more naturally. In the case of FiOS, we’re right on the front end. In any case, when signing up for FiOS, I was able to convince them that a DVR box was the way to go. You know, one of those TiVo like devices that let your schedule and record tv shows.

Well, this week Pope Benedict XVI shows up in the US, and for my parents (devout Catholics), this is a huge deal. They’re recording every ounce of coverage they possibly can on the Benedict’s visit. Then, watching it over and over again. Of course, they’re also effectively eliminating potential recording space for the Simpsons and Malcom in the Middle, but I think that can be forgiven this time.

Obviously, I don’t believe in the apostolic succession of the popes, or the apostleship of Benedict, but nonetheless this whole ordeal, as strange and comical and sometimes a little annoying as it is, has got me thinking a little bit about biblical apostleship. What would it be like if Peter or Paul were here today, in this world, in these cultures, amassed in media exposure? I’ll bet the buzz wouldn’t be much different than what we see with Benedict’s visit.

I can imagine Paul stepping off of a plane into the US where one of his fellow apostles started the church. There’d probably be tons of cameras and media feeds and people hoping to slip into his shadow or get hold of his handkerchief. There’d probably be millions of households across America recording all of the Apostles admonishments and exhortations and encouragements. I would probably be one of them. I think the electricity would be similar. I imagine, that even in Paul’s own day it wasn’t altogether so much different among the churches. The churches clearly knew who he was, and although they didn’t have anything like the media we have now, I imagine when he first arrived in a city, the buzz would spread quietly from house to house until everyone was excited.

Whether or not Paul or Peter could give an entire introduction speech without once even mentioning Jesus’ name is another question entirely; or if they’d ride around in a heavily armored car, I don’t know.



  1. “Whether or not Paul or Peter could give an entire introduction speech without once even mentioning Jesus’ name is “

    Is this a bit of a litmus test for you? Are you of the thinking that maybe it isn’t clear where he stands or Whom Pope Benedict is working for by the text of that speech?

  2. Just an observation, and a bit of an eyebrow raiser for me.

  3. I suppose if someone handed me the mic and said you got 5 minutes… I’d probably slam My Friend. Although I don’t actually say Jesus in that poem.

    Not that I think I’m like Benedict or vise versa. For example, I’ve never shown up for work in my robe.

    So maybe not saying “Jesus” is weird maybe not. It raised my eyebrows too… at first.

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