Posted by: William | April 19, 2008

The Glory of Christ

John Owen’s The Glory of Christ is an indispensable volume of notations concerning our maker and redeemer. Not simply on his character, although this makes up a huge portion of his words, but more specifically how that affects his people.

This version of The Glory of Christ was republished by Banner of Truth (quickly growing to be one of my favorite publishers) and was abridged and made easy to read by R.J.K Law. If you’ve ever read Owen’s work in its original form, what you’ll find is a profound body of text that takes four or five times as long to consume as regular literature. Partly because of the period writing style, but also, Owen clearly carried an anointing from God of some sort that allowed him to expound profound and difficult spiritual truths. You’ll find Owen’s work more potent that almost anything you pull off a Christian bookshop today (even in its abridged form). Banner of Truth has given Law’s work their stamp of approval to say that it is a very reverent treatment of Owen’s original text. While I have not read Owen’s original work, I do trust Banner of Truth’s judgment.

Owen begins his treaties by explaining that all spiritual vigor rises out of the believers gazing upon Christ’s glory; his divine attributes, his abundant mercies, his penetrating love. From this conviction, Owen teaches us about some of the different ways we can view Christ as glorious: as God’s representative, in his person, in his humbling himself, in his love as a mediator, in his work as a mediator, in his exaltation, his presence in the Old Testament, his oneness with his Church, in his giving himself to the Church and in his work to restore all things to glory in him.

Owen explains the difference between viewing Christ by sight and viewing Christ by faith. We see that in this life, our hope is found in viewing Christ by faith, but in the life to come, we will view him by sight in his glory as we also will be glorified. Owen closes his argument with a stirring arrest of spiritual decay; how it is seen, identified and fought against.

This book, unlike any other I have read before stirred me to excitement over my own future glory in Christ. Heaven remains an abstract idea, however, Owen’s descriptions of Christ’s glorified state and our inheritance therein have stirred me to excitement and hope. For me, that has seemed providential; the truths that Owen lays out in this work provided encouragement necessary to me as I have been working through a spiritually trying period.

I recommend this book to all believers. You will find it easy to read and easy to understand. The truths and exhortations in this text are indispensable and have the potential for good fruit in any faithful believer.



  1. William – I am always thrilled to read of how books that ship from our warehouse at Banner of Truth are used by God to impact lives. Thanks for writing this. If you hadn’t discovered the Puritans before this, I hope this will pursue you to read more. “Godly Man’s Picture,” by Thomas Watson is one of my personal favorites, but there are so many others. God bless you, brother. Please let me know if we at Banner can be of help or encouragement to you.
    Steve B.

  2. We were crowned with His Glory, exchanged it for fig leaves, Christ came and allowed His glory to become our sin and then became the object of the Fathers wrath, and now, for us who believe, who have a hope in that future glory, have become heirs to the throne of glory. WHOA!

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