Posted by: William | April 22, 2008

All is Vanity

“Men that are in the valley think if they were at the top of such a hill, they should touch the heavens. Men that are in the bottom of poverty or disgrace pain think if they could get up to such a mountain, such a measure of riches and honours and delights they could reach happiness. Now Solomon had got to the top of this hill, and seeing so many scrambling and labouring so hard, nay, riding on one another’s necks and pressing one another to death to get foremost, doth seem thus to bespeak them: Sirs, ye are all deceived in your expectations! I see the pains ye take to get up to this place thinking that when you come hither ye shall touch the heavens, and reach happiness: honours, and pleasures in variety and abundance (Ecclesiastes 2:11-12), and I find the hill full of quagmires instead of delights, and so far from giving me satisfaction, that it causeth much vexation; therefore be advised to spare you pains, and spend your strength for that which will turn to more profit; for, believe it, you do but work at the labour in vain.” “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity,” saith the Preacher.”

– George Swinnock


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