Posted by: William | May 8, 2008

Why I Write

I post to this blog every single day. I’ve resolved to stick with it diligently. I sometimes will give up other plans to be sure that I can post. You’d be surprised how often folks passively attempt to dissuade me from posting here or there. I’ve been accused of being legalistic, of being hypocritical, of being misdirected, of having some hidden agenda. I’ve even (sort of) been accused of being a part of the massive Christian conspiracy to cover up scientific “truth”.

So today, I was going to post some thoughts on chapter two of Seven Sayings, but decided that I’d take the opportunity to write about why I write. Perhaps to present my reasons in a manner that will qualm people’s suspicions of me and maybe even inspire you to take up writing also.

I write, essentially, for three reasons.

1. The first and the most important, by far, is consistency. On an emotional level, I’m an inconsistent person. Historically, this has commandeered my life. Some days I may wake with a great deal of tenacity and unction, but on another day, I may not have the ambition to get out of bed. Writing helps provide some consistency not found elsewhere and helps to provide stability necessary for me to function from day to day.

Writing is not the only thing that will fall into this category either. Also in this category is diligent daily reading of scripture. Long before I was writing, I found that consistency in reading, regardless of emotional condition, helped to provide a broader sense of consistency in my emotions and ultimately my spiritual life. While in the same vain, writing has proven more demanding and ultimately more rewarding in consistency.

2. The second reason has to do with helping to arrange and organize thoughts. When I led a small group a while back, I found that I would often need to teach about things that I didn’t fully understand, or didn’t understand in an organized fashion. Ultimately, teaching helped to curb that problem. Having a need to organize my thoughts and understandings, proved beneficial, because in the end I would end up having those understandings and being able to apply them to myself.

Now, writing is not exactly like that. However, in a similar way, writing does provide a need to seek understanding in an organized way. More than once this has provided an avenue through which I’ve come to powerful, deeply affecting truths that I likely wouldn’t have sought otherwise.

3. Finally, I think that sharing thoughts is good. More than a few times I’ve been encouraged or impacted by reading other’s online material and since I began writing, I’ve been told that others have been similarly affected reading mine.

This is all a relatively brief overview of why I choose to write and why, for me, it’s important to do it consistently. For me, it’s not legalism, it’s not hypocritical and I don’t have a hidden agenda. It’s just a good habit and a multifaceted benefit to my mental, spiritual and emotional health.



  1. I feel you man.

  2. Ha… I love the post! Do what works for you… I’m listening to ‘Sweet Afton’ by ‘Creek right now…


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