Posted by: William | May 17, 2008

A Rich Wife

I just got home from a long day of wedding photography. A family friend hired me last minute to photograph their daughter’s wedding. The family is devoutly catholic with a very large extended family which makes for a unique shooting experience from start to finish. This wedding only hosted about 350 guests, but the last one I shot for them hosted about 700. Needless to say, it’s always a learning experience, but also an enjoyable one.

To add to everything else, the ceremony and reception are both a good two hours from my base of operations (i.e., my bedroom). Phew. Regardless, I’m grateful for work.


I’ve been driving for four hours today, and on my feet and in my camera the rest of the day, so I’m beat. But I did want to share a brief thought. When I got home, I decided to dig a tad and see what words of wisdom our deceased puritan brothers might have concerning marriage; considering that I spent all day at a wedding and all. What I found was Thomas Bridges’ exhortation to godly men to seek diligently for women of spiritual beauty and riches. Enjoy!

“If thou art a man of holiness, thou must look more for a portion of grace in thy wife, than for a portion of gold with a wife; thou must look more for righteousness than riches; more after piety than money; more after the inheritance she hath in heaven, than the inheritance she hath on earth; more at her being new born, than at her being high born.”

I suppose presumably, in Bridges day it wouldn’t be uncommon for a man to seek his spouse based on her father’s bank account. But his words remain applicable—even if we’re not talking about monetary wealth any more.

Amen, Bridges.


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