Posted by: William | May 20, 2008

I Am & I Will

I am the king;
I am the prince;
And I am the jester;

I will be succeeded;
I will be entertained;
And I will do whatever it takes;

I am the General;
I am the Lieutenant;
And I am the sword;

I will give commands;
I will do as told;
And I will stop at nothing;

I am the guard;
I am the prison;
And I am the shackles;

I will keep careful watch;
I will seal every exit;
And I will stay tightly fastened;

I am the thief;
I am the prisoner;
And I am the weary, tired and sick;

I will hold the blame;
I will remain in chains;
And I will withhold the cure;

Who shall rescue us from this body of death?



  1. I Ric thinks you’ve been holding out on me. Whoa. Very Cool.

  2. where did you get this? who wrote it? Did you write it?

  3. I wrote it

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