Posted by: William | May 22, 2008

The Possibilities of Life

Have you ever been swept up in the possibilities of life? I mean, like the vast possibilities. People occupy the entire array of possible lifestyles and esteem. Globally, I mean. Kings; princes; government officials; wealthy business men; executives; movie stars; rock stars; upper management; lower management; blue collar workers; hard laborers; retail workers; public servants; children; the poor; the homeless; the dying; the sick. We’ve got people minutes from being born, and people minutes from dying. All the different things that could happen, in all the different situations and circumstances that arise throughout a person’s life, cascade out to what seems like an almost endless set of possibilities of where a person can end up.

Here in America we’re sort of bred into a kind of ‘you can do whatever you put your mind to’ ideology; which, for a number of reasons isn’t true—and probably destructive. Most folks in America will grow up with their hands in one thing but their eyes on another altogether. Most will pass without a trace; forgotten by people within a few decades at most. Some will have a longer run; entertainers and servants, whose work will exceed their life span. A very select few will make it into history books on account of their great leadership or massive blunders. But none will enjoy these comforts and joys; none will be able to enjoy his status with any real longevity, instead, folks he’ll never meet will. “…A person who has toiled with wisdom and knowledge and skill must leave everything to be enjoyed by someone who did not toil for it” (Ecclesiastes 2:21).

There are some times when I forget the big picture. I look so closely at this life—what I’d like to achieve, who I’d like to be, the statuses I’d like to enjoy, the relationships I’d like to have—and forget how truly fleeting they are. I sometimes foolishly give my heart to these things and grieve that I do not now enjoy them. But all the while, if my gaze would be upon the big picture, I would see the grandness of what is to be enjoyed and the triviality of what I feign for.

May the Lord grant mercy to me and my brothers and sisters in this. And may he give strength to place our hearts in heaven, and so there we may also find our treasure.

To miss
To see
What way deep down
We’d like
To be.
If here
It fails
A test of taste
To move
These scales.



  1. Ok, so now I know you’ve been holding out on us.

  2. totally agree that the thought that “follow your dreams” “whatever you set your mind to can be” “follow your heart the money will follow” etc. are all trite and really not true…in fact they branch into other religious ideologies, far from Christian.

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