Posted by: William | May 24, 2008

We’re All Master Conspirators

Just a thought:

Apparent connections don’t necessarily imply connections. Conspiracy theorists and evolutionists alike seem to confuse the idea. Simply because we can draw a line between one thing in our minds to another, doesn’t necessarily mean the line is actually there. But it’s not just evolutionists and political nut jobs who tend to that kind of thinking—Everyone tends to that kind of thinking. Especially when God is involved. “I am suffering, and therefore God does not love me,” or “I remember putting my faith in God and therefore, I am responsible for my faith.” We do that kind of thing regularly and don’t usually notice it. At least I don’t.

Check out poet (or comedian, I’m not exactly sure which one) Rives demonstration of the idea. This was the inspiration for the thought.


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